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In today’s post, I’m back for more Postcard from Japan – I’ll be sharing the second part of our big fat trip, from Hiroshima to Kyoto, that my boyfriend and I did back in November 2016. In this part, we’re throwing back to Hiroshima, the savage deers of Miyajima, the gorgeous castle in Himeji, and our first intense two days in Kyoto! Let’s dive right in…

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jord_wood_watches; unique_watches, me_time_with_jord_wood_watches When the winter slump is ever so present, it’s muy important to take five and I tend to turn that into a well-deserved me time! Join me while I’m taking five on today’s post – I will share with you what my me time looks like and together with how a JORD wood watch has quickly become a beloved wardrobe staple for me. View Post

Bringing you the very first post of the year- a throwback to November 2016- a Postcard from Japan, where my boyfriend and I were  in Japan for two weeks, eating our weights in okonomiyaki, slurping our way through different cities one ramen bowl at a time, walking more than we’ve ever accumulated in our whole lives, admiring the Japanese history and architecture, embracing the madness… Well, I guess you got the picture, we did A LOT and I have so much to share with you! Without further ado, here’s the first part of Postcard from Japan series!

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Month On 35mm Film – September

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Month on 35mm film September is comin’ atcha (though a little delayed- analog photography comes with struggle) with snaps full of celebration of the last days of summer in Portugal, ongoing tourist vibes at home, enjoying the indian summer to the max… Join me for this real piece of #throwback!

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What’s In My Travel Skincare Bag?

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As I’m jetting off to Japan in couple of days time, I thought this is the perfect time to delve right into my travel skincare bag, and share my favourite travel skincare saviors with you. As much as I despise packing clothes and whatnot, I love packing beauty + skincare bits. I find it whole lot easier (and definitely more fun), mostly because of my proud habit of keeping a stash of skincare minis- part because of my ever-growing interest in skincare products and part because of being a blogger. Without further ado, let’s dive in what’s in my travel skincare bag!
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