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Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick, Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick_and_Vice_Special_Effects_Top_Coat_

Red, redder, reddest… things are getting heated in the lip department! My lipstick game got a fire revamp by these Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick and Vice Special Effects Top Coats – I created 3 different red lip looks on a scale from red to the reddest with a dash of gold, glitter, metal, and a good amount of sass – comes default with the red lips – all while sharing my thoughts on ’em…
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Spring_2017_Lancome_Makeup_Looks, Wearable_Pink_Makeup

April means so many things to me; spring, BIRTHDAY MONTH, fresh flowers, coming alive after dreary winter, feeling fresh and light, and just being happy! All these things basically make me motivated to try new things, go to new places, and create new stories. That being said, I put together three different spring makeup looks that are a-la-VERY-outside-my-comfort-zone-which-was-the-point but they are also what I think what spring represent in the form of make up – PINK! Without further ado, here are my three Pink Spring Makeup Looks.
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asian-beauty-product-favorites, asian-beauty-product-review, 5-things-asian-beauty-favourites

You may remember that I went to Japan and Korea last summer (you can see my Travel Photo Diary here) and without exaggeration I walked into every drugstore that I happened to see (I find extreme joy in visiting supermarkets and drugstores while abroad). I was aiming high and was ready take in any challenge that was deciding what to buy without understanding what you’re buying 90% of the time! I have brought considerable – or some may call this ridiculous – amount of Asian beauty products (both Japanese and Korean) and here is the creme-de-la-creme of that haul! Without further ado, here are my 5 Things: Asian Beauty Favourites…
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party-makeup-lookI went missing during the weekend and I am deeply sorry about that! Felt like I neglected #Blogmas, but real life obligations kicked  in disguise of a Christmas shopping list that had to be done over the weekend. But I am back with a long overdue post- gold and glam party makeup look for you folks.

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2014-07-05 15.48.12

Hello hello!

Today is a casual Sunday to be spent with close friends, probably not outside as the weather still insisting to be not summer-like whatsoever. That being said, I went for a simple look but jazzed it up with a bold lip colour. An easy way to bring some colour into your daily look.

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