September 14th, 2017

Orange Is The New Black

orange is the new back - dcember zoe clutch
Orange is the new black – is it really though? We know the story with red – I absolutely love it! Today, I’m – a used to be forever-afraid-of-colour person – going to talk about what was once terrifying can actually work without screaming COLOUR at your face!
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September 5th, 2017

Summer Knits & Autumnal Florals

Florals? For autumn? Groundbreaking! I knoooooow – it’s not officially autumn and there’s absolutely no reason to bring the summer peeps down (and I am one of them). But my current mood and this trés strange weather is so not about summer and not quite autumnal either – it is transitional, hence this calls for mixing summer knits with autumnal florals!
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August 15th, 2017

The Summer Edit — Palms, Linen, Red

Palms, Linen, Red - wearing Two Continents x Oh Seven Days top, Paloma Wool Skirt, Levens White Earrings, Two Continents Straw Bag, White glove shoes
Palms, linen, red – my summer in a nutshell. My ongoing red obsession has reached new levels, together with my love for anything linen, and palm trees – that we know, I am forever obsessed! Revisiting the palm tree oasis in Spain on this week’s style story – come this way!

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August 2nd, 2017

The Polka Dot Top

The Polka Dot Top

The polka dot top that has it all: playful sleeves, low-key frills, button-down, tie-front detail – check, check, check and check!
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July 7th, 2017

Gal About Red

Gal About Red - A Red Style Story
Gal About Red- brace yourself for a VERY red style story! Red is slowly creeping up on me and taking over my wardrobe one piece at a time. I don’t think I have ever had this much of accumulated red pieces my whole life combined, hell, I don’t even remember wearing red this much up until a year ago… Maybe circa 1992, I felt like red shoes are my thing… Without further ado, here’s an ode to the colour red and my rediscovery of no-end-in-sight-kinda-love for it!
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June 23rd, 2017

This Is Not An Ordinary White Shirt

This Is Not An Ordinary White Shirt - Paloma Wool Leandra Shirt

Ceci n’est pas une ordinary white shirt! This is more than an ordinary white shirt; with its unique design and unmissable Matisse vibes, it is definitely more than just a white shirt! In today’s style story, I’m gonna talk about this timeless + unique piece, my latest brand obsession, and mini shoutout to Matisse + pre-Internet send nues. 

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