5 Perfumes That Smell Like Summer In A Bottle

5 Perfumes That Smell Like Summer In A Bottle - Diptyque, Valentino, Atelier Rebul, Intimacy, Liu Jo
Summer is slowly coming to an end, but there’s a way to make it last forever! Sharing my current favourite 5 perfumes that smell like summer in a bottle – take the summer wherever you go whenever you want to with these scents that guarantee sun-warmed skin under (imaginery) palm trees!

Italian Summer

5 Perfumes That Smell Like Summer In A Bottle - Diptyque_Florabellio

Have you ever found yourself smelling a certain perfume that freakishly takes you to a specific memory or time/space? That happens with me A LOT! Well, probably with almost anyone, as scents and memories are closely linked – it ain’t witchcraft! A certain smell can easily evoke a feeling or a memory, even more so than a sound or sight (I’m not saying this, science people do – Google it). This is exactly what happens to me with Diptyque ‘s Florabellio! I picked up this one right before boarding to a flight to Naples, as I forgot to pack my perfume, it only seemed apt to pick a new scent to go with this new adventure – the wonderful Amalfi Coast trip that I did back in May (see the post here).

Florabellio (even the name fits perfectly), is a floral scent that has lemon (Amalfi Coast, yes!), apple blossom, marine accord and hint of coffee notes! It was a love at first spritz (okay, I’m gonna stop it with the puns now) – it starts off quite fresh and it dries down to this addictive combination of floral and marine – which is why it makes me feel like having a Neapolitan pizza by that very spot at the Amalfi beach *sigh*!

My Summer

5 Perfumes That Smell Like Summer In A Bottle - Atelier Rebul_Jasmine
This one right here is a special one – and yes, it has to do with having my name on a perfume bottle. Atelier Rebul is a brand all the way from Istanbul (hitting all the home feels here), that recently launched in Belgium (Hasselt and Ghent, and more stores are on the way) – naturally, I am very excited! During their launch, they were extremely kind to gift me this personalised bottle (and another one that is waiting for my mama) to be filled with Atelier Rebul scents – kid in a candy store moment basically!

I went for jasmine to try something not so typical me, and oh boy, am I hooked? It’s a massive bottle, so it sits right on my desk and I use every morning before I start my day. Jasmine is known as the smell of calm – what a great way to start your morning! The fruity undertones with warm + green leafy scent is just perfection! Um, also did I mention that it has my name all over it?

Pink Summer

5 Perfumes That Smell Like Summer In A Bottle -Valentino_Donna Aqua
Never thought almond and pear would make such a sexy couple! I like floral scents and they are nice to switch up, but if you’re like me and very very very into musky and spicy scents, then you’ll lurrrrve Valentino’s Donna Aqua! It has green almond and pear as top notes, which then dries to rose, hawthorn and sandalwood with a frangipane accord.

When I first tried this on, I was just baffled because I don’t like almonds nor frangipane (just no)! But Valentino, whatever you did here with pear and sandalwood, I’m just all over it!Sexy summer night scent? Check! Love the bottle, too, classic Valentino vibes with the studded bottle! All I got is love love love for this one!

Citrusy Summer

5 Perfumes That Smell Like Summer In A Bottle - Liu Jo_Lovely U
If not peaches and watermelon, summer = citrus for me! Like I mentioned earlier, I like switching things up with fresh, citrus-y, floral scents – and Liu Jo Lovely Ufalls right in the “summer in a bottle with character” category! Nectarine and mandarine blossom scream like summer to me (which was what really inspired the theme of this shoot as well). Nectarine and red berries make the top notes, which then follows with the sweetness that is the right combination of freesia, rose, and mandarine blossom, and then dries to musk, patchouli and toffee! If I would create a perfume that is little bit of musky, spicy, fruity and floral, this would be it!

* available at ICI PARIS XL beginning of September.

Romantic Summer

5 Perfumes That Smell Like Summer In A Bottle - Intimacy_Nude
Not feeling quite floral and musky is not your cup of tea? Then let me tell you about Intimacy Nude. I first discovered Intimacy through the noir version – it was my ultimate winter scent that is dark, musky and spicy! When when I saw that they came out with Nude, I was intrigued. I’m gonna be honest, at first I wasn’t crazy about it – it kinda had to grow on me. It is not your “in your face” summer scent, but it will win your heart – at least it did with mine!

We got all my favourites in there; musk, sandalwood, vanilla and then you got florals; bergamot and rose, ylang ylang (which is what made me “hmmm”) and love-in-a-mist (how cute though?). I said summer, right? So lastly, there is mandarine, and bam! Starting off powdery, which is again something I’m not that used to, which then dries down to the florals while maintaining the warmth of the spices with a fresh hint of mandarine. If you’re in the market for a new-new scent, you got to try this one – it is love in a mist (sorry, I had to)!

I used to be that person who was all about their signature perfume (one for winter, one for summer). I just love having that connection, that link – and that people would identify a certain smell with you! But as I grow older, I started to like playing around with scents – layering them, picking a certain scent to go with a certain mood/outfit. I’m extremely intrigued about that emotional connection that one has with a scent and a certain memory.

How do you feel about your perfume? Do you have a signature one or you don’t mind switching up and playing around? And let me know what kind of scents are your favourites; fruit, floral or musky and spicy?

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