Red, Redder, Reddest – Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick, Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick_and_Vice_Special_Effects_Top_Coat_

Red, redder, reddest… things are getting heated in the lip department! My lipstick game got a fire revamp by these Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick and Vice Special Effects Top Coats – I created 3 different red lip looks on a scale from red to the reddest with a dash of gold, glitter, metal, and a good amount of sass – comes default with the red lips – all while sharing my thoughts on ’em…
Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick, Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick_and_Vice_Special_Effects_Top_Coat_Review-

Last month, I had the pleasure of trying out some INCREDIBLE lip looks with Urban Decay at their store in the ICI Paris XL on Meir, Antwerp. I absolutely loved the end product (see the photo here), which was definitely a out-there-look while still being “very me”. I love my reds and my nudes so so so much, so anything that includes either, you’ll have me right from the start. The look we went for that day some peachy/pink nude (see, very me) with a dash of gold, which got me inspired and I decided to re-create that look, but this time keeping it very red.

The first look is this fire red look – keeping it minimal, but the colour itself does the talking here. I applied the Vice Liquid Lipstick in 714, which is a true, deep, cool red – LOVE! The day we did the lip art session, the makeup artist used a Vice lipstick and I was truly obsessed with the formula – it was so buttery, exactly what the doctor ordered for someone who has forever dry lips. For that very reason, not every matte lipstick is on my side, so I was very hyped to see that we were on a good start with this one!

When I got kindly sent *not promoted* these lippies, I was naturally very excited to see if the liquid version would equally deliver. This bad boy seals and locks everything in – I mean, I had coffee all day, had dinner and by the end of the day it was still there and didn’t make my lips like I hadn’t had water in years – ditto on being life-proof! Big fan of the formula – stays on for hourssss, doesn’t dry (even on dry lips), smooth and even application (one coat is certainly enough) – and big fan of the colour, this one is a definite winner!

The Red Special 

Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick, Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick_714_and_Vice_Special_Effects_Coat_Seether

Although this is an “out-there” look for me, it is not intimidating in the slightest. I will be definitely rocking this makeup on a hot hot Spanish night, while wearing a long red dress, and… Okay, I got the vision and the lipsticks, now I need to book that trip!

I created this look by using the very same Vice liquid lipstick in 714 and the Vice Special Effects Top Coat in Seether. I’m happy to try it out to see that something that I’d normally consider an “adventurous” product like this could actually work with your usual makeup looks.

I had so much fun creating/wearing this look (you can tell by the amount of sass coming out) – it’s a warm metallic effect, as it has fine gold glitter (that is on the subtle side, which is why you get a metallic effect rather than a “just slapped some glitter on my lips” look) in it. It’s a burnt-red/brick red colour, which naturally compliments the base colour (deep, cool red). I went subtle, as I applied it more on the centre to reflect the light and to create that wash of metallic finish. The formula keeps up with the lipstick so you don’t get that “faded” look. The wand is different than the lipstick (paddle applicator), it’s a thin brush, so it allows you to create whatever you want with it.

The Gold Lining 

Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick, Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick_and_Vice_Special_Effects_Top_Coat_Review_
I don’t know why, but this lip combination is giving me the Amazonian/ festival (what a combo) kween vibes! I think that gold lining right in the centre really does it for me. Not taking any credits here, as I re-created the entire lip art as we did in the Urban Decay store in Antwerp last month. You can see the original look here that the super talented Séverine did here.

So that I loved that look so much so that I decided to re-create it, by using again the Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick in 714 as the base colour and using the Vice Special Effects Top Coat in 3rd Degree to outline the upper lip + give dimension to the centre. You can obviously do so much more with gold metallic coat like this, but my vision is that I’m dancing to the sunrise at a festival while my lipstick looking 100% – not that I am going but in case you are, here’s your ultimate look!
Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick, Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick_and_Vice_Special_Effects_Top_Coat_Review

Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick, Urban_Decay_Vice_Liquid_Lipstick_714_
So yeah, I love my true classic red lip look, but playing around with the Urban Decay Vice Special Effects top coats was really fun and in a way it allowed me to create something a little more different than an everyday lip look. Apart from wearing the Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick alone, I know that I will be wearing the 2nd look – the red special – with confidence and so much sass, in Spain, while wearing my red dress, and sipping on my cocktail oh-so-carelessly-because-this-look-is-life-proof… Okay, I’m booking those flights as we speak haha!

As per always, I’m curious to find out what you think… First off, tell me if you’re feeling my enthusiasm on this fire red lipstick? Then how do you feel about these Special Effects top coats – something you’d try or nah? 

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