June 30th, 2017

FACE MASK 101: 5 Masks You Need In Your Routine

Face Mask 101_5_Masks_You_Need-In_Your_Routine
A round-up of 5 face masks that you need in your routine, from the best selling Japanese sheet mask to an all-time classic clay mask and more…

Face Mask 101: 5 Masks You Need In Your Routine - Kiehls Calendula & Aloe Soothing Mask

Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask – Not a single dull and dehydrated looking skin day with this one. Its light-weight gel formula feels incredibly refreshing on the skin, especially great for those hot summer days when you feel like you can’t be bothered with a mask (but you should!). Calendula is known for its anti-inflammotary and anti-bacterial purposes, so it’s amazing for those who have acne prone skin. That’s treatment on the side, and then we have aloe – I love aloe so much. It feels so cooling and fresh, I feel like especially in the summer, I can just slather my skin with aloe vera gel! It does amazing job at hydrating your skin without feeling you slapped on some heavy-ass moisturisers on your skin. There’s also citric acid in the mix, which is an AHA – does wonders for cell-renewal (anti-aging) and exfoliation.
I use it couple of times a week – but totally suitable for everyday use, and also sometimes when I feel like an instant plump before applying my makeup – 5 minutes of this and the foundation applies like a b.u.t.t.e.r.!

Face Mask 101: 5 Masks You Need In Your Routine - Fresh Beauty Rose Face Mask

Face Mask 101: 5 Masks You Need In Your Routine - Fresh Beauty Rose Face Mask
FRESH ROSE FACE MASK  – On a roll with the hydrating masks, this one is another absolute favourite of mine. With a great combination of rosewater – for toning the skin (regulates the ph levels and also great for soothing + hydrating) real chunks of rose petals and aloe vera & cucumber extract – for that cooling effect, this mask is a pamper session in a jar. Funny how I used to stay away from anything with rose, as I didn’t like the scent but now I’m completely the opposite – rose everything, puh- lease! That being said, this mask has a strong rose fragrance, you might wanna keep that in mind. Again, suitable for everyday use, I like this one in the bath, combined with a rose bath bomb!

Face Mask 101: 5 Masks You Need In Your Routine - LuLuLun Japanese Sheet Mask
LuLuLun Balance Moisture Sheet Mask This was all the rage in Japan (when I was there last November), this was everywhere as the #1 Best Selling Mask in Japan. That and also never seeing a compact packaging that homes 42 sheets, I had to try! I started using this couple of weeks ago and I try to stick to a routine where I use a sheet mask a night. This baby does great job at hydratingn as it’s packed with hyaluranic acid! I’m not sure if I see any “this-is-why-it’s-best-selling” properties yet, but I absolutely love it for: a) the packaging – it motivates me to use one each night, b) no fragrance, c) hyaluranic acid + rice ceramide.
Face Mask 101: 5 Masks You Need In Your Routine - Comfort Zone Active Pureness Mattifying Clay Mask
Comfort Zone Active Pureness Mattifying Clay Mask – Any skincare routine needs a good clay mask, especially my fellow acne- prone skin people, clay mask is your true friend! This one from Comfort Zone does its job pretty pretty pretty good. I re-fall in love with clay masks as I discovered that they effectively work great on impurities. I also use this as spot treatment to fasten that pain in the neck healing process – anything to strong my hand in this battle of monthly hormonal freak-out!

Face Mask 101_5_Masks_You_Need-Soo_Beaute_Donkey_Milk_Sleeping_Pack_MaskSoo Beauté Elixir Donkey Milk Luminous Sleeping Pack – The nights that I’m not doing sheet mask, I do overnight masks. I’m currently focusing on treating my PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), I’m gravitating towards products with brightening qualities. Another reason why I’m a fan of this is that it’s anti-aging, nearing up to the big 30, you gotta start somewhere, amirite? It contains licorice extracts that provide elasticity. I just love packing lots of moisture before bed, so waking up to brighter + plumper skin gets a big thumbs-up from me.

Visiting Korea and Japan (again and again) and experiencing the whole skincare craze first hand have been very eye-openning for me in regards to skincare and being mindful about my routine. Now I find myself researching on the ingredients and looking out for new ways to take better care of my skin. Face masks are the important step of a good routine, so I felt like it’s only appropriate to talk about my current favourites. That being said, I will in the near future talk more and more about skincare, as there so many good things piling up and I can’t wait to share it with y’all.

What are your current favourite face masks? Have you tried/heard of these before? Let me know down below and let’s geek out over skincare! 

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  • Ayre

    I don’t really use masks anymore. I’ve tried time and again, but it never sticks. I’m just too lazy for them. By the way, I like the way you took your photos here. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I used to be the same – it was already hard sticking to a routine let alone keeping up with different masks. But since my last visit to Japan, I decided to turn things around and pay more attention to my skin needs. Though the time-consuming part is still there, I get more and more motivated as I see my skin is reacting positively.
      Happy to hear that you like the photos, always makes my day! 🙂

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