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You may recall that I was in the US back in March, and of course I didn’t come back empty- handed! If you are a beauty blogger with certain obsessions  (ME)*cough* everything that Sephora sells *cough*, a trip to the US cannot be completed without picking up hottest beauty stuff in the market *cough* Glossier *cough*. Without further ado, let’s jump right into my US Beauty Haul, aka how I lacked some major self-control that one time at Sephora in Miami.


You may recall that I was in Miami last March (if you don’t, let me refresh your memory here. This means two things (for every non-US beauty blogger) Sephora and Glossier (as for the time being, still no worldwide delivery on the horizon) and I was no exception. As you do, I did some rather traumatic damage at the nearest Sephora I could find in Miami. I don’t really recall what exactly happened between the time I entered the store and my turn at the till, but it roughly went like this; “OMG! TARTE! *puts it in the basket* OMG! BECCA! *puts it in the basket*”. So, now it’s finally time *drumroll* to reveal *drumroll* my US beauty haul, aka how much will power I lacked that time I was in Sephora!

US_beauty_haul, tarte_amazonian_clay_blush
Tarte Amazonian clay 12- hour blush. Excited about this one here! If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you know the hype is real for this blush. I picked it up in “blissful”, a beautiful peachy-pink shade.

Moving on with Tarte, next up on my list was the undereye corrector. Since my Bobbi Brown corrector is nearing towards its last days, I was in the market for a new corrector. Haven’t tried it yet, but I got high hopes on this one, I will be sure to report back!
US_beauty_haul, tarte_wide_awake_skincare_set
This bad boy right here, caught me off guard at the aisle of doom. Tarte Wide Awake Eye Set comes with underye rescue patches, Maracuja C-brighter Eye Treatment, and Light, Camera, Lashes, 4-in-1 Mascara. I heard nice things about the mascara and the eye cream, but like I said bought this set on a whim  (can’t resist travel sets) – let’s see if they live up their hype.
US_beauty_haul, glossier_haloscope
Glossier HaloscopeGlossier products are probably the most exciting bunch amongst the stuff I picked up in the US. I remember picking up my parcel in such rush and excitement, I couldn’t wait any longer to try out these babies (went against all my first-photograph-for-the-blog rule). I have so much to say about Glossier, so I will do a post focusing on the brand and the full-on review. I picked up haloscope in Quartz and loving every swipe of this highlighter; it’s compact (travels happily in my bag), it’s creamy, it’s super dewy, it’s so that “oh, that? it’s my natural glow, darling” look! Let’s continue praying the makeup gods and hope Emily Weiss to crack the worldwide delivery problemo, because it’s seriously no bueno!

US_beauty_haul, glossier_cloud_paint_puffGlossier Cloud Paint. This was a new launch when I was in the US, so I had to try it! I’m usually not the biggest fan when it comes to cream blushes BUT this might be an huge exception. The application is très easy – definitely not about that patchy, streaky blush life, THE COLOURS… so gutted I didn’t pick up the every shade there was (dramatically crying emoji). Puff is your classic pink blush colour, but it looks so seamless (it says right on the packaging) – it goes with that on going “I seriously didn’t do anything, it’s my natural cheek colour, babe” look. You’re lit within, you’re blushin’ au natural.
US_beauty_haul, glossier_balmdotcom_rose

Glossier Rose Balm Dotcom. Seriously! I didn’t know what to expect, as in “is it really that groundbreaking?”, because at the end of the day it’s a balm – what an underestimation! This baby right here, TRANSFORMED my forever dried lips. That rose smell though… Again, gutted that I didn’t pick this up in other shades/scent. Also, can we talk about how they nail the cute packaging though?

US_beauty_haul, physicians_formula_butter_blush
Physician’s Formula Butter Blush. To file under: bought this on a whim. I wanted to a bronzer/blush hybrid to bring some tan life back to my face. Cute packaging. Smells exactly like tropical vacation. Haven’t tried it yet, but will report it back if it’s any good.
US_beauty_haul, milani_eyeshadow_quadMilani Fierce Foil Eyeshine. Moving on with my repulsive CVC buys, this Milani eyeshadow quad stood out to me. I know everybody is crazy over their baked blushes but I don’t like glitter or any kind on my cheeks, so this was the only thing I thought worth picking up. Plus, it says fierce on it, how could one resist? Sadly, I’m not so crazy about it, as it was flaking and far from, that foil look. However, I’m not giving up – will try to work it, because these colours are to die for!
US_beauty_haul, nyx_soft_matte_lip_creamNYX Lip Cream. I needed a deep red matte lipstick and then there was NYX stand, so naturally a purchase was in order.  Amsterdam is a fierce red! I only came out with one NYX product, as we can get those easily over here – woohoo! Sweet self-control!

US_beauty_haul, buxom_bold_gel_lipstick_white_russianBuxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick. Buxom is a relatively new brand to me, it was not under my radar until recently. Curious mainly about their lip products, I had to take one home with me (though I definitely wanted to get more than one). This lightweight, matte lipstick is super pigmented and doesn’t feel like matte lipstick. I spotted this V me colour – a pale pink/peach nude, it was an instant winner.
milk_makeup_skin_blur_stickMilk Makeup Blur Stick. Another exciting brand that I was waiting forever to try it out. I only came across very limited selection of their products at Sephora, so sadly I had to settle down for this much needed baby. Miami be humiiiiiid, so I instantly went for this blur stick, which glides like a butter. No more shine, no more pores! It instantly became an everyday makeup staple! Winner!
US_beauty_haul, becca_shimmering_skin_perfector_moonshine

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter. YOUTUBE MADE ME DO IT! But the rebel that I am, I went for “moonstone” instead of the much loved “champagne pop” as it look too warm and extra on me! Moonstone is the perfect highlighter that makes your cheekbones spottable even from the far galaxy! Exactly the opposite of what Haloscope looks like, this one is definitely for those feeling-extra days. 


US_beauty_haul, OUAI_texturizing_hair_spray_and_shampoo_set
OUAI Repair Travel Kit. Another aisle of doom purchase, but this time not-so repulsively. I have been wanting to try Ouai products for the longest, so I was happy to see a kit that includes shampoo, conditioner, and a treatment mask. Great way to get to know a brand before committing to full sizes. Then again, my next purchase is a bit of a contradiction but that’s because I was ready to give it a try after reading all the positive reviews. But anyways, the shampoo and the conditioner duo is a-mazing. I love the smell of it, and I love how super soft my hair feels afterwards – deeply contioned, hydrated. So I’m thinking of doing a big switch.
OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray. I honestly don’t know what I was doing before this texturizing spray. It’s like hair gods commenced all the great hair vibes and it comes in this aesthetically pleasing can! Yes, yes, yes! I’m so hooked on this spray that I even carry it around in my bag despite its size! Hair = transformed! Winner all the way!
US_beauty_haul, its_a_10_leave_in_miracle_product
It’s A 10 – Miracle Leave-In Product. Another life transforming product. It’s a 10, to me, is a major US brand that I haven’t heard anything about it around here. But I don’t know how, but it was engraved on my mind that I had to buy this – probably youtube is to be blamed! I was not used to be big on the hair products but ever since embracing the short hair life, I HAD TO get my shizz together (e.g. spending more time styling means needing more time to care for hair). So this magical product does miracles – loving the current state of my hair, it’s healthy, shiny, no breakages despite using heat almost every day! It became an instant staple product in my current hair care routine!


Elizabeth and James Find Your Nirvana Rollerball Set. Initially wanted to buy a full-size one, but came out with 4 mini ones – the aisle of doom again! All four of them smell a-mazing, but currently loving the White (peony, chic muguet, and musk) and Bourbon (vanilla bourbon, oakwood, and a hint of tuberose for a bold, oriental-woody). Now I know that I have to get these two in full size, because I just can’t get over these scents – too good!

So yes! This concludes this very exciting, much anticipated (anyone?) US beauty haul here! Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed putting together. Even though not every purchase makes the most thrilling review in the books (internet?) but I will try to report back soon-ish. I miss those VERY old-school review posts I used to do.

Have you ever tried any of these products? Do you spot any favourites? Let me know what you think down below. Also, does anyone have any concrete info whether Glossier coming to Europe? I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW!

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