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April means so many things to me; spring, BIRTHDAY MONTH, fresh flowers, coming alive after dreary winter, feeling fresh and light, and just being happy! All these things basically make me motivated to try new things, go to new places, and create new stories. That being said, I put together three different spring makeup looks that are a-la-VERY-outside-my-comfort-zone-which-was-the-point but they are also what I think what spring represent in the form of make up – PINK! Without further ado, here are my three Pink Spring Makeup Looks.


– wearing Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, Monsieur Big Mascara, Grandiôse Liner 04
and Juicy Shaker in Snow-Tilly

At first was afraid, I was petrified… my initial reaction towards any eye makeup that involves colour! Me and colourful eye makeup don’t get mixed, well, except that one time at high school, I wore some blue eye makeup (terrible idea) which then I immediately regretted. That was it for me. The most risky I would get is when I attempt to do some jet black eyeliner (and I’m not even that good at it, which is why you’d (almost) never see me rocking it). But then again, why not, it’s just makeup – chillax!

Couple of months ago, I got the chance to lay my hands on some of the new launches from Lancôme, where I first hand experienced LOTS OF PINK makeup looks. Following that all I could think of was how I could (who is scared of colourful eye makeup and is also very minimalist regarding their full makeup look) incorporate colour in my everyday look. Sure, I did hunt down lots of pink makeup looks on Pinterest and eventually ended up filing them under “COOL BUT V EDITORIAL”. So, this is me dipping my toes in the pink waters.

Let’s first start with the topic that I am rather very comfortable – base makeup. My skin changes so do my needs – some days I feel like I could use some coverage, some days I just want something barely there, sometimes matte, sometimes DEWY, you know… For the past couple of months, I go with medium to full with a not-so-dewy-not-so-matte base. This cushion baby from Lancôme is exactly what I just described, and I also feel like it’s less time consuming as I don’t need to dab dab dab forever with a beauty blender, as it comes with its own applicator (the kind that actually works). It’s compact, just grab and go – ultimate travel friend. Another thing that it’s a major win for me with the Teint Idole Ultra Cushion is though it’s full coverage it only feels like light coverage on the skin, even after it sets in – no mask-y, heavy duty feeling! LANCOME_Grandiose_Liner

Back to my colour-phobia with makeup. So I went all out and decided it give it a whirl to this hot pink eyelinerand I gotta admit I really enjoyed it. I tried out so many different looks and decided that this the one (above) that I’d be comfortable to rock without feeling like “LOOK AT ME! I’M WEARING PINK EYELINER!”. Focusing to the centre for that pop of colour effect and keeping the rest barely there. Colour, check! Minimal, check! Score!


– wearing Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, Monsieur Big Mascara,
and Matte Shaker in Yummy Pink

This right here is the kind of colour that I’ve always been comfortable with – bold lips, yusssss! Juicy Shaker just had a sister, Matte Shaker and it comes with matching liners – Le Lip Liner to be precise, to lock that colour all in for whatever your occasion may be.

If you hesitate wearing out-there-colours like this hot pink I am rocking or some fire reds, stick to matte lippies. But now every matte is amazing, as they can be hella drying, and bold & chapped lips are no bueno! I don’t know how they formulated the Matte Shakers but I had tacos and drinks with my boyfriend the other day and it was still there afterwards! Seriously, just how?


– wearing Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, Monsieur Big Mascara, Monsieur Big Marker,
Parisian Lips Le Stylo in Je m’apelle Rose

I feel like a different person here – I never wear eyeliner, I mean not anymore… I suck at it, I don’t have time for it and also above I mentioned how I like my makeup very minimal mostly. Brace yourselves for a plot twist – turns out markers are so damn easy to apply y’all! Monsieur Big* is a new line that comes with a big, chunky, bold and very black mascara (LOVE) and a brother that is a marker. Mascara is a big time win for me for the reasons I just listed, but the marker was a new territory and I couldn’t even get it wrong so… WIN! One swipe (ok, it needs little bit more precision but still) and BAM!

*After hyping it so much, a footnote for the Belgian babes, is that the line is available end of April in ICI Paris XL and everywhere end of May.

I talked about how much I love (and prefer) things that are practical and compact, like this lip duo, Parisian Lips Le StyloIt’s a cushion matte lip liner + tinted lip balm duo – very Parisian, very I-so-didn’t-put-any-effort-into-this-look. You can use it seperately or together for the suggested style that is the ombre look; matte in the centre, dewy, glossy around it. I was also inspired by the name and that Parisian look that we all love, while giving it a twist with the big & bold eyes! LANCOME_Parisian_Lips_Le_Stylo

What are your thoughts on the these makeup looks? Are you team “I think I could wear pink eyeliner” or you’re “thanks, but no thanks”?

*This is not a sponsored post by Lancôme, but above mentioned products are pr samples, that’s been tested, approved and well-loved by yours truly! 

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