Month On 35mm Film – November

Month On 35mm Film – November

Month on 35mm film November is packed with travels and overseas memories all the way from Japan, including analog snaps from Tokyo, Fukuoka, Miyajima, Beppu, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.







I know, it’s March 2017 and I’m still posting photos from November, shock horror! I’m soooo back-logged but doing my best to find a working balance between work & blog life, so please excuse me while I’m subtly catching up with the content that’s been waiting around!

If you’re up to date with my latest travel posts (if not see here & here) you may recall that I was in Japan for two weeks back in November with my boyfriend and we had the time of our lives. So, as you can imagine, naturally the Month on 35mm film November is turned out be all the things Japan.

Beginning of November starts with snaps from Tokyo, which was the first stop of our (my boyfriend & I) stop. My favourite has to be the one from Tokyo Skytree – I love how to sky is changing colours, the touch of the tree branches and the glorious tower, I absolutely love it, and this frame totally takes me back to that moment. The other favourite from Tokyo is definitely the one, where you can spot me at my favourite hang-out in Japan, the wending machines! Seriously, I’m so blown away by the amount and variety of these guys that I would always have to look out for new drinks/food/ice cream and whatnot! At that moment, I was totally hooked by this white peach (momo) drink, so I was also excited (or more like deer at the flashlights moment) just moments before my satisfying purchase!

After Tokyo, we headed to Fukuoka, Beppu, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Himeji, Kyoto. You can read all about these places more in detail over here & here. On the third part of our trip, we visited Kobe and Osaka. The day we went to Kobe was such gloomy and rainy day, so I sadly don’t have many analog photos from there, however I will talking about that and also about Osaka on the upcoming post for the series of Postcard From Japan.

We didn’t get to do much in Kobe, apart from having a short (rainy & cold day) walk around the city and having the most epic lunch of our lives! On our way to the lunch place, I spotted this torii, right in the middle of the city so I’m glad it turned up all fine. I’m definitely obsessed with the amount of red (and pink, too) you spot in Japan, so if you look carefully you’ll see most of my photos are consisted from hues of red – love it!

Following that trip, on the same day we went to Osaka, which is just a short train trip from Kobe, for dinner! Unfortunately the rain and the cold got even worse but nothing could stop us from chowing down all the Japanese yums that we were there for! Osaka shots definitely stand out in this roll, so I’m happy to see that they came out all bright and clear, as they were IRL. Osaka was such a magnetic city, that reminded me a lot of Tokyo, with its skyscrapers and eye-catching ginormous screens everywhere you look!  I love my cities chaotic, busy and buzzing… Great to see that these two shots reflect that feeling I had in Osaka!

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What do you like the most when you travel, big city life or nature all the way? I’m definitely a big city life girl, I mean, being from Istanbul says a lot, I guess.

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