The Skincare Comfort Zone

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Let’s talk about the skincare comfort zone: the staples, the essentials, the I-can-not-live-without’s of a daily skincare routine. Today, I’ll be sharing my skincare comfort zone, talking about the most crucial step of it, and my new found love for [comfort zone]
comfort_zone_skincare, comfort_zone_skincare_essential
As a part of my New Year’s resolutions, I promised myself to take better care of my skin; meaning finding a regimen that my skin is happy with and sticking to it, not sleeping with makeup (a big no bueno), and being more gentle & patient with my skin in general.

We all know the importance of a good daily skincare routine- for whatever you want put on your skin to look healthy and just nice, you need to give back to your skin for starters. However in the age of everything instant and busy-praised, it is only normal that not everyone has time (or patience) for that 10-something-step routine. I certainly don’t- I’m too busy in the morning and too lazy at night, BUT I push myself to do my darnest best (for the reason mentioned above) to give some love back to my skin! Which is why and also because I’m a skincare enthusiast, I’m always looking for new bits to improve my current routine. Whatever the changes I may make, the main goal is to create a comfort zone for my skin to rely on, to go back to if all fails.

comfort_zone_skincare, comfort_zone_skincare_essential
Today, I will I focus on the first and foremost steo of a good skincare routine- the cleansing. Whatever form you prefer your cleansing steps to be, it’s incredibly important that you find a regimen that will a) cleanse right, b) prepare your skin for the rest of your routine. [comfort zone] is a skincare brand that I’m excited to talk about today. I’ve been enjoying using their products, especially with such relief knowing that I’m not slapping some questionable chemicals on my face. Their holistic approach to beauty is definitely a breath of fresh air, and their dedication in working with natural ingredients to create products that are natural in origin, as well as free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils and SLES, is definitely what makes their brand trustworthy to me. I recently got introduced to this specific line during a PR event and was lucky enough to try it out myself. The Essential line hits the nail on the head for me – daily cleansing routine for every skin type! 

It’s been slightly over a week since I started this mini discovery kit that includes the bare minimum  skincare essentials as the name suggests- cleansing milk, micellar water, and toner. A week is of course is not the longest period but, for me I either love it right off the bat or I don’t. As my skin is super sensitive, testing out things is never an enigma- I either develop the classic sensitive skin problems right in the beginning  (rash, breakout, dryness, etc.) or I don’t. In this case, I didn’t, which is a winner case in my book – woohoo!

The only thing I was on the fence about was the cleansing milk part- since I am a believer of water/oil based cleansing, this meant a major change for my routine. Not washing? Me? Panic! Do you also experience the “if I don’t wash my face twice daily, it just feels VERY unclean” feeling? I did. However, in the name of science I went along with it! Plus, I also happened to be a believer of double-cleansing, so it wasn’t as dramatic in practice as it sounded in my head- story of my life! #dramaqueen

As a part of my 10-step skincare routine, I loooove double-cleansing- a combination of oil/water based cleansing. In this case, I have been using a combination of an oil based makeup remover- a long long time favourite of mine, Clinique Take The Day Off Balm, together with the Essential Milk (200ml €23,75)- one gentle squeeze of this milky goodness on a cotton pad is enough to cover. Now here comes my favourite part, rising off the milk with hot muslin cloth. Following this, I wipe my face off with the Essential Micellar Water (200ml €27) one last time, by now my face feels squeaky clean without the “too dry to even open your mouth” feeling! The toner is next up, which is a battlefront for me, but comfort zone got that sorted, too. The Essential Toner (200ml €23,75) is alcohol-free, so no uncomfortable stripping/burning feeling (I have had this soooo many times before- the struggles of a senstive skin lady *sigh*) and it’s great for completing the cleansing step smoothly. Now your squeaky clean, glowingly fresh skin is ready for some serious hydration action.

Now that we covered the most crucial part of my skincare routine, I will talk about the details of my 10-step skincare routine more in-depth in the upcoming beauty post- the serums, the essence, the sheet mask galore, and all that jazz. So if you’re also a skincare freak like moi, then I recommend you to stay around and keep your eyes peeled for that.

Have you made any beauty/skincare related New Year’s resolutions? I would love to hear what your skincare comfort zone is like – do you prefer something quick & easy or more thorough? Also, let me know if you’ve ever tried [comfort zone] before or would like to give it a try?

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