Month On 35mm Film – September

Month On 35mm Film – September

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography
Month on 35mm film September is comin’ atcha (though a little delayed- analog photography comes with struggle) with snaps full of celebration of the last days of summer in Portugal, ongoing tourist vibes at home, enjoying the indian summer to the max… Join me for this real piece of #throwback!

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*The most gorgeous ocean view on our way to Sintra, Portugal*

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*When I see a palm tree – Belém, Portugal*

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*Any colour you like- Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal*

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*Proud of my armpits- Alfama, Lisbon*

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*Indian Summer in the Belgian Coast- Ostend*

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*Excuse me, I just got back from Lisbon in case you couldn’t tell from
my glass of Porto
 in a table full of Belgians*

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*Happy (and pale) face- thanks boyfriend for exposing me to the harshest flash ever*

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*That time I went to Bruges (938593 times in my life) and I got the tourist bug-
appreciating the medieval beauty of this gem of a city!*

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*Here, too! But not appreciating the bad lighting!*

month_on_35mm_film, month_on_35mm_film_analog_photography*Antwerp, why so pretty? While waiting for a friend, taking a cheeky photo,
in case you couldn’t tell the odd framing- not my proudest work!*

If you just stumbled across this part of the interwebs, here’s an introductory post for the Month On 35mm film series that I introduced a while ago. And if you’ve been around then you’ll remember the struggle I’ve been through with getting my rolls developed- for that very reason, I’m a little behind my ideal schedule but super kuul snaps are a-comin’ from October real soon! (praying hands emoji)

Beginning of September was oh-so amazing in so many ways- if you recall for the very first post, there were some Portugal snaps, and here they’re extending to September. Taking the tuk-tuk from Belém to Lisbon, while trying to keep my hat where it should be; side streets of beautiful Belém, appreciating all the colours of Pena Palace, Sintra; trying to break free from the Portuguese heat by awkwardly exposing my armpit- it was all fun, fun and fun!

The rest of the month was all about work, travelling around in Belgium which is no biggie since it’s a tiny country, and some more here and there moment-with-friends and just-gonna-enjoy-the-indian-summer vibes at the Belgian coast. Going to Bruges and Antwerp is always fun especially if it involves cool events. I was in Antwerp end of September for the exhibition of Rik Wouters & The Private Utopia at MoMu- Fashion Museum. I really enjoyed it as it was really interesting to see how Belgian designers like Christian Wijnants, Dries Van Noten, Martin Margiela, Jan-Jan Van Essche inspired by and interpreted Wouters’ pieces in their own work of art. You can still visit the exhibition until February 26th, and free admissions on every first Sunday of the month.

Bruges is always a treat, where I lose myself by the sight of every chocolatier and the medieval beauty of this city! This time I discovered a Japanese restaurant, which was incredibly good- I know I will be going back on regular basis to get my miso and tempura fix!

Speaking of Japanese food, so I just got back from the craziest trip ever in Japan and obviously have so much to share with you- keep an eye out for that!

How do you like September on 35mm film? While October is a-comin’ with its all autumnal glory, we can still talk about summer, right? Are you planning of going somewhere hot & sunny this winter? I can definitely use some sun action, back in Belgium for two days and I’m already freezing- so not ready for winter!

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