October 28th, 2016

What’s In My Travel Skincare Bag?

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As I’m jetting off to Japan in couple of days time, I thought this is the perfect time to delve right into my travel skincare bag, and share my favourite travel skincare saviors with you. As much as I despise packing clothes and whatnot, I love packing beauty + skincare bits. I find it whole lot easier (and definitely more fun), mostly because of my proud habit of keeping a stash of skincare minis- part because of my ever-growing interest in skincare products and part because of being a blogger. Without further ado, let’s dive in what’s in my travel skincare bag!

So whenever I’m off somewhere overseas, I make sure to go through my stash and try to bring a considerable amount to last me during my travels. This way I get to try different array of products (that I wouldn’t have the time nor the chance to try otherwise) and discover new favourites, and give myself a pamper sesh during (long-haul) flights.

When I say my travel skincare bag, I’d like to make a differentiation- I actually keep two separate bags, but this is only applicable when I’m on a long haul flight (I don’t think I need to give myself a full on facial on a two-hours flight). First bag is to cover the trip itself and the additional second bag is an inflight skincare bag. My inflight skincare bag usually consists of samples, one off products (sheet masks, sachet samples, etc) and lots of minis- basically a proper pamper session kit.

First, I will talk you through my inflight bag- a detailed look into what I’ll be bringing with me during the flight. I love flying, especially when it’s overseas- then you get to sign off from everything, treat yourself to a read, watch 5 movies in a row, do nothing but RELAX! But if you’re happen to be skincare enthusiast like myself, then you will look forward to that 10+ hours to be extremely diligent and thorough with your skin.

Ever since I’m back from Hong Kong (around then I got my Asian skincare game strong), I’m trying to incorporate the the “10-step-skincare” approach to my routine. As I’m doing my very best to stick to a thorough routine, I try keeping it that way on such flights as well. Of course some are not possible (exfoliate, 2-step wash) but I keep things somewhat aligned.










First things first, starting with removing my makeup (bare minimum makeup requires bare minimum cleansing- exception to when flying) for that I got these Clinique’s makeup wipes– the only one that hadn’t given me a rash #senstiveskinproblems.

whats_in_my_travel_skincare_bag-tony_moly_goat_milk_productsNext up toning and then essence. I got gifted these minis at Tony Moly when I was in Hong Kong, now is the time to give them a proper try (and if they’re a keeper, I can pick them up when in Japan). I recall that goat-milk-anything-skincare was huuuuge in HK- excited to be finally slapping these on!

Serum love is real and this one from Fresh, the mini version of the one I have been using since beginning summer- rose does wonders to my skin, especially soothing and hydration-wise.

whats_in_my_travel_skincare_bag-sheet_masksSheet mask time! I don’t know which one I’ll be rocking (and probably frighten some) but I feel like banila co. might be the lucky one- again, if it’s a keeper, I can stash some while in Japan.


I usually squeeze eye cream and moisturizer somewhere here! Currently, using the Origins’ one, good but not spectacular- does the job (like with any eye cream IMO). As for moisturizer, I’m taking this nifty set from comfort zone with me. I started using on a flight to Hong Kong, and I instantly fell in love how it kept my skin hydrated throughout the flight. Bonus points, the way it smells helps me big time to sleep better. It’s a moisturizer and oil kit, but I will be skipping the oil part this time, as I’ll be using a sheet mask. Any other night that I’m not using a mask, I will put the oil back in the game!

Can’t stand dry/chapped lips, especially during a long flight, so this mini Fresh tinted lip balm has been an absolute game-changer for me. I will be upgrading to full-size, but isn’t this mini super adorable? So at this point, I’m already fed, maybe tired, and ready to knock myself out with movies with a greasy but happy face. I also keep this travelers best friend, aka the balm for all your needs from Burt’s Bees- from repelling bugs to relieving scratches, rash, or dryness.


If you’re still with me (I appreciate your patience), let’s talk about the real deal- making some changes to the inflight routine, replacing some with my daily products. I will replace the face wipes with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Banila co.’s balm cleanser– absolutely loving the two-step cleansing! I will be also using my spot-treatment moisturizer from La Roche Posay just before the comfort zone moisturizer – my skin is a total drama queen when in contact with slight change to the weather, water, etc. This calls for serious case of spot prevention. As a day time moisturizer, I will just stick to Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer, which has been my ultimate skin rescuer (no pun intended) for the longest- a true safe-haven product that I always go back to. It calms my skin (occasional redness), a real fighter when it comes to dry patches (autumn/winter problems) and a good base for the makeup! Not forgetting the sunscreen, this one from Kiehl’s has been a winner for me- doesn’t leave any white trace and DOESNT BREAK ME OUT LIKE I JUST HIT PUBERTY.

So if you have made it this long- thank you and I love you- you’re amazing!
Also, since you have made it this far, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Are you familiar with 10-step skincare routine? I’ll be putting up mine very soon (after Japan, with more Asian products that I hope to score possibly a giveaway *winkwink* too). Also, let me know down below are there any Asian skincare products that you’d love to try? *winkwink* I would love to hear if you have used any of the products above and your thoughts on them! 


  • Lys

    I wish I had the guts to do an in-flight skincare routine! I’m off to the US next week and I think I’ll bring just lip balm, hand cream and a facial mist (both for refreshment and because the scent is calming) with me on the plane. The LRP Effaclar Duo+ is a travel skincare must for me too, as travelling always causes my skin to freak out. The sunscreen by Kiehl’s is so good! I really like that one, as well.

    Have a fantastic trip to Japan, Elif!

    • I feel you, Lys! Applying a sheet mask and potentially receiving looks because of that is not the most tempting of the ideas! BUT it’s post-Halloween so now I’m even more motivated haha! I like your minimal approach as well, and yes facial mist helps a lot! Also, how exciting! Where are you headed?
      Have lots of fun and enjoy your trip, dear!

      • Lys

        Thanks! I’m going to New York so SUPER excited 😀 haha the sheet mask doesn’t sound like a bad idea if you look at it like that. The funny looks of other passengers are just a great bonus, though 😉

  • missgetaway

    Oh I’m such a nosy person so reading these kind of posts always is a highlight for me. So cool! Gotta love kiehls products 😉

    Love, Kerstin

    • I’m the same- having a peek at makeup bags, etc. gives the best kind of insight, right? Kiehl’s is so good- gotta stock some more, just ran out of Midnight Recovery Oil- should try to include that as well!

  • Making sure everything is ‘enough’ for the whole trip is difficult!! I jot down ‘dates’ underneath each bottle so its easier to estimate how much was used since the date it was open and how long more it can last based on daily consumption. Sounding so technical its hilarious hahaha! Any tips on how you estimate how much is enough?

    Viviene Kok

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