postcard_from_hong_kong-victoria_peak, victoria_peak_view_hong_kong
Breathtaking (and waistline extending)- that’s my Hong Kong experience in a nutshell. Jetting off to Hong Kong in such short notice was probably the closest that I’ll ever get to the “just pack your bags and go” mentality- no prior prepping for the trip- experiencing things as they come with a clean slate of mind. To say the least, Hong Kong was beyond anything I have ever imagined it to be! Get hyped and excite, because here is my Postcard From Hong Kong, aka the super dense city!

postcard_from_hong_kong-victoria-harbour-view, hong_kong_victoria_harbour_sunrise
postcard_from_hong_kong, ladies_market_hong_kong
postcard_from_hong_kong, hong_kong_cuisine
postcard_from_hong_kong, ladies_market_hong_kong
postcard_from_hong_kong, hong_kong_travel_diary
postcard_from_hong_kong, tsim_sha_tsui_at_night_hong_kong
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postcard_from_hong_kong, ladies_market_hong_kong, mong_kok-hong_kong
postcard_from_hong_kong-victoria_peak, victoria_peak_view_hong_kong
postcard_from_hong_kong, ladies_market_hong_kong, mong_kok-hong_kong
postcard_from_hong_kong, hong_kong_tram_ding_ding
postcard_from_hong_kong, little_kore_in_hong_kong
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postcard_from_hong_kong, hong_kong_food
postcard_from_hong_kong, temple_street_night_market_hong_kong, mong_kok-hong_kong
postcard_from_hong_kong, hong_kong_travel_diary
postcard_from_hong_kong, hong_kong_by_night
When do you get the most excited about a new place? I always appreciate those bus or train rides to the city from airport. The first impression is the best impression, right? So going back to that very moment- me on the train with my boyfriend… We suddenly stopped our conversation because what was out there was something rather jaw-dropping; a city that is so densely populated is rising above and above before our own eyes- my mind was absolutely blown away! That has to be the moment that I completely forgot about the 15+ hours flight and the jet lag that was  about to hit me hard. Or was it the moment that our room was looking over the Victoria Harbour like NBD? Not sure, but that’s because there were so many times that I was completely blown away by the beauty and the one of kindness of Hong Kong!

– Get lost in the city! Just dump your guidebook and enjoy the city as if you’re a local.
Seriously, most times Hong Kong felt like a massive maze between all the neck-hurtingly high
(is that a thing?) skyscrapers. Just walk around and try to get the feel of the city.

– Visit Victoria Peak! I’m never too keen on over doing the”touristy stuff” but if there’s a good view-
I’ll be there! Getting to the peak was blood, sweat and tears but it was all worth it. Looking over the city from the peak was absolutely beautiful and it was a sight that it’s now forever engraved on my mind!

– Visit Wong Tai Sin Temple– a soothing and calming break from the chaos of the city.
The smoke and the smell of all the incense adds to the magical atmosphere of the temple!

– Take the Star Ferry! The most fun and scenic way to cross between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.
For the extra charm, I would definitely recommend taking the ride at night- the skyline of Hong Kong Island is something to be seen from the ferry, trust me!

– Get lost in Mong Kok! Mong Kok quickly become one of my favourite areas in Hong Kong. If I were to pick one area to summarise  Hong Kong it would definitely be Mong Kok- there is so much going on around you, so much all at once but in different layers… The markets, the food… just the local life!
If you end up in Mong Kok, make sure to check out the specialised markets:
Fa Yuen Street Market, Flower Market, Bird Market, Goldfish Market, Ladies (night) Market.

– Shopping till you drop! Hong Kong is all about the shopping and I don’t mean it lightly- it’s intense,
it’s overwhelming, it’s just everything you want and more! Let’s just say I had to buy an extra suitcase!
On part 2 I will be sharing all the hottest addresses to get your Asian beauty fix- keep your eyes peeled!
But until then, Harbour City is the only address you need to know- because when you’re done there,
you’ll be done for the rest of your trip too!

– It’s safe to say we ate all the food in Hong Kong! Prepare yourself for all the food comas because
it’s going down big time in Hong Kong! We mostly followed our gut feeling with one rule of thumb-
less touristy more local! And let me tell you, it never disappoints! Don’t be afraid to walk into something that may look out of your comfort zone. Those times were the ones where we hit the culinary jackpot!
– Streetfood! Streetfood! Streetfood! My absolute favourite was Egglet– it’s an egg-based waffle!
They’re so puffy, yummy and addictive! I desperately want some now! 

– Eat all the Dim Sum you can find! Though they are ideal for lunch, I’m a rebel at heart and love my
Dim Sum anytime I like. Always had tasty ones, mostly great ones and some amazing ones!
For an amazing one, head to Above & Beyond!

– A break from Dim Sum? Then you have to eat the pork chop with vegetable rice at
Delicious Kitchen – DROOLL!!!


– Nitrogen Frozen Ice Cream! You heard it right- tt’s exactly what it says on the tin! They have fresh and insane in the membrane flavours coming in and out. I had the chance to try Cruchy Sea Salt Ice Cream
(I’m crying as I’m typing because it’s all too much haha)
Coffee Milk Tea! Hong Kongers know what’s up! The most delicious yet crazy sounding drink ever- basically the best of two worlds! Iced coffee milk tea was my go to drink-
luckily I managed to bring some with me, the best souvenir ever! 

So did I convince you to add Hong Kong to your wanderlust list? What do you think of my Part 1 of Postcard From Hong Kong? Also, I would love to know from you beauty lovers there, would you be interested in a Hong Kong beauty haul? Let me know what you think below, and keep your eyes peeled for Part 2! 


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