5 Things⎜Skincare Favourites

Great makeup starts with healthy glowing skin, says Bobbi Brown, and I can’t help but agree and will even take it further – great everything starts with healthy skin. Don’t we all just want to wake up looking “I woke up like this” ? Well, I definitely do… and I believe so do majority of you! Here I am sharing my 5 Things that are my updated Skincare Favourites.

I have been on the hunt for an overall cleanser that is not ripping, drying, pore clogging… and the list goes on and on! I really don’t know under what rock I’ve been living under till now, but Oskia Renaissance Gel Cleanser  has given me life. The name doesn’t say much, so they actually mean is, when pumped out it’s more like in a jelly form, which upon massaging into the skin turns into an oil. It took me while to get used to the not so squeaky clean feeling which you mostly get after washing your skin. As you get used to it, you also learn to appreciate that rich nourishing layer, which has already helped brighten and cleared my skin on a whole new level! This cleanser officially makes right on the top of my Worth All The Rave list.

kiehls_midnight_recovery_concentrate_review, jade_facial_roller_review
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate probably sits on every bloggers’ bathroom cabinet, and if you still don’t have it, you surely need it in your life, too. The only thing I’m not so keen about this product that it smells overwhelmingly of lavender, but if you can ignore that it’s an A-MAZING oil, that will do wonders for especially dehydrated/dry skin. A true winter time must-have!

Jade Facial Roller is that product will make you feel like you got everything under control with your skincare. Not only because it’s probably the most luxurious treat my face ever experience in forever, but it’s gimmick-free! You need to massage your skin, get that blood circulation going, and all that jazz. Whether it’s with this mint-green stone-cold beauty or with your good ol’ fingers, you need to massage that gorgeous face of yours! Drop everything now and go watch this life-changing, A-level facial tutorial from Lisa Eldridge!

aesop_parsley_seed_mask, skinfood_black_sugar_mask_review
Skin emergency? Wait, let me grab my Aesop Parsley Seed Mask, because whenever I feel like pimple friends are a’comin back uninvited, I call this deep cleansing badass Aussie to the rescue. It will suck those impurities out and will unclog those pores to the max that you will get blown away! Other than that, I use it every two weeks to keep things right at the bay.

This one is surely my proudest-skincare find, probably because it involves me hunting this sugary-goodness in Seoul last summer. Skinfood Strawberry Black Sugar Mask will be the next big thing to hit our lives (if it hasn’t yet) because it is unbelievably good! The love child of strawberries and sugar particles – it exfoliates and nourishes your skin like no other. I always stirred away from exfoliants since I have sensitive skin, but fear no more, now I can exfoliate my skin without worrying about having an allergic reaction – sensitive skin gals will know how liberating that feeling is, right?

Have you ever tried any of these skincare products? And what do you think? Let me know what your cult skincare favourites are – I’m always up for discovering new skincare bits!