February 5th, 2016

5 Things : Asian Beauty Favourites

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You may remember that I went to Japan and Korea last summer (you can see my Travel Photo Diary here) and without exaggeration I walked into every drugstore that I happened to see (I find extreme joy in visiting supermarkets and drugstores while abroad). I was aiming high and was ready take in any challenge that was deciding what to buy without understanding what you’re buying 90% of the time! I have brought considerable – or some may call this ridiculous – amount of Asian beauty products (both Japanese and Korean) and here is the creme-de-la-creme of that haul! Without further ado, here are my 5 Things: Asian Beauty Favourites…

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Etude-House-Any-Cusio-Review, 5-things-Asian-Beauty-Favourites
Asian-Sheet-Mask-Review, Face-Shop-Sheet-Mask-Review, 5-things-Asian-Beauty-FavouritesSkinfood-Black-sugar-mask, Skinfood-strawberry-black-sugar-mask-wash-off-review
Shu-Uemura-Eyelash-Curler, 5-things-Asian-Beauty-Favorites
I notice that Asian beauty products are becoming extremely popular and more available than ever though it seems almost like yesterday’s news due to its availability to those who are in the US. However on this part of the world, it still is the breaking news – I hope!

Among all the mascaras that I picked up in Japan, Koji’s Dolly Wink mascaras (japanese website) stood out the most to me. Get ready for extreme excitement…in 1,2,3… THIS MASCARA IS A GAME CHANGER PEOPLE – the formula is nothing like it’s Western rivals (making a distinction here because I felt like Japanese and Korean girls’ mascara game is beyond our time), because it contains fibers so it CAN’T budge, smudge, and is extremely waterproof. The only “downside” is that it is almost impossible to take it off, so yeah… But I really don’t mind it, as my eyelashes have never been looked this great!

While in Tokyo I also picked up this Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler that I was lusting after for ages. I still remember my boyfriend’s face when I jumped on this with such excitement that he couldn’t help but ask something like “what’s so SPECIAL about this weird gadget that you’re dying to gouge your eyes with?! I never liked using curlers and for that very reason I always avoided using them- they simply didn’t do much for me until this Shu Uemura came into my life… it’s good, it’s so good!

Moving on from Japan to the holly land of skincare, my beloved Korea. Ever since I’ve been to Korea, I look at make up and skincare completely different; it is cute, it’s groundbreaking, it’s affordable and whatever the product is they mostly do the job! Though I have not picked many complexion products – I could hardly match with anything- and when I finally did at Etude House, I picked up this cushion. It was all before Lancome launched its cushion so it was still a bit… the make up of the future to me! I love how it is super compact, but also it gives that picture perfect porcelain like skin! It came with DIY decorating kit, and as you can tell I went a little cray-cray with it!

While I was at it, well simply going out of my mind at Myeandong, I picked up some random bunch of sheet masks from The Face Shop, and that was probably one of the best calls I have ever made during that trip! I really don’t know what we were doing before the sheet masks, they are amazing – including the scary look that it gives you! If you ever get the change to pick any up, go for it- it’s simply one of the best and fun ways to up your skincare regimen!

Without any exaggeration, I can say that things got out of control with all that the vast (and mostly unintelligible) skincare choices that I had walking up and down Myeandong, Seoul – it was too much for the faint hearted! It didn’t take me too long to discover Skin Food when you’re on the hunt for some badass skincare goodness. I went for their most popular wash off-mask, the Strawberry Black Sugar Mask. When they say it’s strawberry, they mean it in Korea, you get nothing less but strawberry/sugary mask to get the softest and plumpest skin ever. Thank you, Korea, for changing a girls life and bringing another level of skincare regimen to my life!

Have you ever tried any Asian beauty products? What do you think of my favourites? Have you heard of any of these products before? 

  • Lys

    That compact looks way cute!! The Skin Food mask though; it sounds so tempting hmm… I’ve never tried Asian skincare before (I think), but I’m actually planning to order some goodies via Ebay soon! Sheet masks seem to be the best/safest option to first try out Asian skincare, so that’s what I’m getting 😀

    • I love that about Asian beauty/skincare products – always so cute and creative with the packaging! I agree, if you wanna play safe I would definitely recommend the sheet masks as they are a lot easier to pick amongst all.

  • They look so pretty ! It remind me when I went to Japan few years ago they had so many stuff similar as yours, they had the usual one like we do but also cute beauty products .


    • Basically they have everything, but what I saw more prominently cute stuff haha! I also recall seeing weird gadgets like to give a face-lift to yourself but it looked something straight out of Clockwork Orange haha!

  • Leela Sule

    The cute candy packaging is reason enough to make me wanna buy these!

    Leela x

    • So much cuteness, so little time haha! I agree, most of the time I made my decisions based on the cute packaging (when all else fails…)!

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