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For about 3 years I have not wanted anything more than going back to Rio de Janeiro. I remember from the very beginning of our trip back 2012, I had this intense happiness and sense of belonging to everything that is tropical, warm, friendly, and just so nice, obviously it was not that hard for me to get obsessed with Rio de Janeiro. When my boyfriend asked me if I would be down for going across the ocean to sip some Caipirinhas at the beach, I never thought I could experience such opposite feelings in such extreme levels ( picture me as that 9 year old kid on YouTube from the 90’s opening up his Christmas gift and finds it’s a Nintendo 64!!!). Here is my Travel Photo Diary of Rio de Janeiro, aka Marvelous City.
Bom Dia, Rio de Janeiro!
Waking up to this insane view just did it for me, and did for that 13+ hours flight!

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Being back in Rio de Janeiro brought back so many amazing memories- being there back in 2012 and spending three weeks was the best decision of my life, but also a decision that later to pain me for life. I could never shake off this feeling of “saudade” every time I think about Rio and the amazing time we had there- that’s why going back there, even for a week, was just a little hard to comprehend for me.

Up at Corcovado, and it is as impressive as it looks – you can spot the statue (Christ the Redeemer) almost everywhere you go in the city! This shot is definitely one of my favourites, as I simply took it with a disposable camera. Going up to Corcovado was an adventure itself, as you have to take the pretty wobbly cable car to the hill. This has to be the most and only touristic thing we did during this trip, as we have done all the touristy stuff when we were there the first time…the rest of the trip contains excessive chilling, eating, and beach-ing, and some more beach-ing…

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These tiles are the ultimate sign that you are in Ipanema – one of my favourite areas in the city for obvious reasons (the view, the vibes, the beach). If you go to Copacabana, you’ll see that it has its own very different tiles. travel-photo-diary-rio-de-janeiro, ipanema-beach-tiles, ipanema-beach, praia-ipanema, rio-de-janeiro

Somewhere (it’s actually Jardim Botanico) in Rio de Janeiro – nothing but a good mixture of palm and coconut trees and some more beautiful looking tropical life forms (breathing heavily here).

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This should be a must-do in everyone list of “things to do in Rio”. The history behind this place dates back to hundreds of years – it’s found by Portuguese immigrants in the 1800’s, which still offersclassic Portuguese desserts like pastel de nata and yummy Brazilian sweets. If that’s not enough for you to make your way down to the downtown, the interior will definitely blow your mind- I’m talking marble counters, brocaded mirrors, and everything that symbolizes classy! 
travel-photo-diary-rio-de-janeiro, confeitaria-colombo-centro-rio, confeitaria-colombo-rio-de-janeiro

The sea of Pasteis de Nata – I’ll take it all, please!

travel-photo-diary-rio-de-janeiro, pastel-de-nata, confeitaria-colombo-rio-de-janeiro

If you squint here, you can spot Christ the Redeemer up there watching over the city…

travel-photo-diary-rio-de-janeiro, christor-redento, rio-de-janeiro, corcovado, christ-the-redeemer

After riding an hour up in the mountains (having local friends in a city helps you experience it (again) in a completely different way, still thinking that how we could have missed this magical place otherwise), we have arrived to see a part of Rio that seems a little alien to the some… Vista Chinesa is literally up in the forest that is in the middle of the city-untouched, offering beautiful nature (stopped the car a few times just the check out the amazing plants and trees that were there), and for our luck terrible (rainy and foggy) weather, but even then, always see the good in everything; I enjoyed very much getting soaked up in the mountains of Rio (and freezing myself)! vista-chinesa-rio-de-janeiro, slogan-army-jacket, travel-photo-diary-rio-de-janeiro,

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If you haven’t seen it yet on my Instagram, I went a little crazy with all that agua de coco (coconut water). I mean, it’s everywhere, it tastes amazing, and it goes great with that tropical heat!

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Like what we did during our first trip, this time as well we hung out a lot at these tiny kiosks at the beach – great for cooling off and just appreciating one of the best views in the city… and they have fresh coconut water, too!travel-photo-diary-rio-de-janeiro, ipanema-beach-kiosk, praia-ipanema, beach-kiosk-ipanema, beach-kiosk-rio-de-janeiro

The times that I was not munching on pao de quiejo (delicious tiny cheese pastry), I could eat bowl after bowl of… açai bowl with granola and some typical Brazilian fruit juice- here is a case of açerola juice with my favourite breakfast!

acai-bowl, açai-bowl, brazilian-breakfast, tropical-breakfast

I don’t even remember how many of these I had drink during the trip, probably way too many!

travel-photo-diary-rio-de-janeiro, agua-de-coco, fresh-coconut-water, coconut-water-rio-de-janeiro, coconut-water-ipanema



I’m not even joking… caught red handed – yet again, another coconut water moment (and I am in my happiest place with all those palm trees on the background).


Ipanema, hello from the other side… (I blame, Adele here!)

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ipanema-beach-posto-10, praia-ipanema-posto-10

Okay, I have so many things to say about the incredibly creative beach vendors in Rio de Janeiro! Bikinis, grilled cheese on a stick, crisps, caipirinhas, sun glasses, ice cream, and so many other things that you’d think you wouldn’t need on a beach but in Rio! I can completely understand why though, as going to the beach shouldn’t be a short term deprivation from the things you’d love to do ( like again eating a grilled cheese on a stick- that was the most impressive one that I’ve seen so far).

beach-vendor-ipanema-beach, ipanema-rio-de-janeiro, ipanema-beach

At this point I can’t even… but wishing so hard that I could drink one chilled and fresh coconut water right about now (kudos to my boyfriend for his hand-modeling skills here).

agua-de-coco, fresh-coconut-water, ipanema-beach-rio-de-janeiro, rio-de-janeiro-travel-diary

The money shot: Dois Hermanos (the mountains are called “Two Brothers”) on the background, beautiful sunset in Ipanema is ever so magical! This was from our very last day- so it was quite magical and I was feeling just so grateful that I could do this again after dreaming about it for so long… Guess this does it for Travel Photo Diary of Rio de Janeiro, though there were many moments that I just preferred enjoying rather than documenting, but overall I am happy that I was able to put up a post that captures that feeling of being there and of how I love to spend my time in Rio de Janeiro if I were to go there ten more times (I wish)!

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Is there a place for you in the world that is so dear to your heart ( or let’s just say you’re mega obsessive over it)? And why? Hope you enjoyed the beautiful scenery from Rio de Janeiro, as much as I enjoyed putting them up! I would love to hear your thoughts on this.