October 22nd, 2015

Create Your Own Photo Book⎜Blurb Review


I lately find myself obsessively going through the stuff that I kept from my Tokyo trip that I made last summer. There is always something so comforting about having physical copy to remember a moment in the past. On my last trip to Istanbul (aka the Motherland), I re-discovered my passion for photo prints. I found myself recalling that very feeling of being taken to that specific time and place while going through boxes and boxes of old photos. For this very reason, when I found out that I could create my very own travel photo book, I got extremely excited! Got tea and Japanese snacks on hand, I’m sharing with you my experience of creating my very own travel photo book via Blurb.




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When Blurb recently kindly contacted me if I’d be interested in creating my own photo book, I was beyond excited for two reasons: first, my love for coffee table books knows no boundaries, and second, to be able to put my huge collection of photos into a good use. Though they offer many different options to choose from like creating a cookbook, a portfolio, or an Instagram book (still sounds very appealing I must say), I obviously had just one thing in mind and that was to create a travel photo book that is dedicated to Tokyo.

As I have never created a photo book before in any sorts and especially done 100% via an online service, I wasn’t really sure how doable my project was going to be. To my surprise, everything I needed to know to create the photo book was listed out in detail and all seemed pretty straightforward from there on.

In order to create your photo book, you first need to choose between Photoshop, via PDF, or the software that Blurb offers for free to customize your book. I simply went for the software Bookwright, and was hoping to find an easy to use but allows for freedom in creativity kind of software- and I was in for a treat. It was so easy to use that it basically took me a lot longer to decide on the photos that went in my book than the actual customization process.

While creating my book, I went for the large landscape format, as I wanted nothing but big, striking photos in my book. After completed creating my photo book, I simply uploaded the layout of the book to Blurb’s website, and voila- your book is on its way to you! The real test itself was when my photo book arrived. I was incredibly happy to see that it was nothing less than what I imagined, in fact it was more than what I expected to see the print quality was impressive, the paper quality was amazing, and overall my photo book turned out truly amazing.

It is a true conversation starter when people find out that it is your own creation and simply are impressed by the quality, but mostly being able to share your own memories through an actual printed photo book is something else. I have to hand it to Blurb for helping me turn my vague project that I would never know where to begin with into a super unique professional quality coffee table book. Overall I would definitely recommend if you’re also looking to create your own photo book but don’t know where to start or simply to as a unique gift for your loved ones.

What do you think of my Tokyo travel photo book? I would love to hear if there are still print-obsessed photography lovers among us! Also, would you be interested in creating your own photo book?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

  • those are photos you took? elif, omg you’ve got some mad skill! it looks so professional when put that way.. aww 🙂 i should consider making my travels into a book too! sounds like an excellent idea, especially when it makes a pretty coffee table books hehe


    • Thank you, Annie! You’re so kind (blushing)! 🙂 Yes, definitely- the coffee table book vision was the main thing on my mind when creating this. It’s a really fun way to make use of your photos, especially when they look just ah-mazing like your London photos! 🙂 xxx

  • That looks so pretty! I’d really like to do something similar with my Japan photos.
    Your photos look awesome by the way! I mean, they’re like meant to be in a book or magazine! Oh you just made me miss Japan even more 😀

    • Thank you, Marlies! Happy to hear you liked it! You should definitely go for it, though I sadly can’t say that it will help you much on your Japan withdrawal! I seriously still suffer from that haha!

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