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It was an complete understatement when I mentioned the possibility of an duology to Tokyo Travel Diary. To keep things interested and not end up with an overwhelmingly photo-heavy post, I will keep things short and sweet. Here is the last part of my Tokyo Travel Photo Diary. Beware though, this post contains many mouth-drooling Japanese food shots – #JapaneseFoodPorn.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya- here we go! To my very humble opinion, this was one of the best and the most convenient noodle experience that I had in Tokyo. I can hear you saying “convenient”? Well, anything in Japan (generalizations are not usually true, but trust me this time it is) is based on being efficient and convenient, even a simple dining experience like this one. In Tokyo, almost every noodle bar that I walked into they offer their food through a vending machine. Wait, what? Yes, a vending machine usually welcomes you at the enterance of a restaurant. Well, this is pretty awesome when you don’t speak a word of Japanese and mostly the menus are heavily text-based. The future is everything-vending machines people, I’m telling you.
I scream “RAMEN!!” here!
Tonkotsu-Noodle- Ramen

Tokyo Bay– Here I come Tsujiki Fish Market.
Tokyo-Bay, Tokyo-Bay-Boat-Tour

Tsujiki Fish Market– a must visit when in Tokyo. But if you are not an ambitious tourist like I am, you will probably never make it to the market 5 in the morning to experience the hustling and bustling fish auction. But there is a lot more to the market than tuna auction, but you can have the most memorable breakfast of your life- I promise you! All you have to do is to be there before noon to have the freshest and the most amazing-oh my god-I never-lived-before-this-sushi-sushi!


There are bunch of sushi bars right at the entrance of the market, that offer the most authentic sushi experience. Think these bars as tiny rooms that only allows certain amount of people in one sitting in a bar area, where you get served directly by the sushi chef, plus you get to experience the art of sushi-making. As these bars only hold limited amount of people in one go (and it is really a place where you expected to chow down your sushi and go), there may be intimidating queues, but don’t give in – just remember that you are now closer than you ever were to that sushi!
Where-to-eat-the-best-Sushi-in-Tokyo, Tsukiji-Fish-Market-Sushi-Breakfast
These bars, albeit the amount of tourist that they naturally attract, are actually also where locals go. During our sushi-breakfast, we were the only foreigners there- which was a good sign as I dislike nothing but overrated-tourist-trap-kinda-food. You get to choose from set menus that offers tuna, and anything you can (not) imagine. I went for the tuna menu and it changed my whole life, and I know I will never love any sushi again!(sobs*) Also, funny (!) note here, you don’t want to piss off a sushi chef with your overenthusiasm and blogging dues. While taking this photo, I could hear nothing but “NO PHOTO! NO PHOTO! ONLY FISH!” coming from the chef (even though I was only taking the photos of the sushi, but well…)- it was exactly like that scene from Seinfeld; No soup for you! #LostInTranslation

An ordinary day at the Tokyo metro– where no one ever speaks that it is deafeningly quiet – however there are other popular activities, such as napping, reading or playing a kawaii game on your phone.
Tokyo-Metro, a-day-in-metro-Tokyo

Ninja Akasaka Restaurant – This one is gonna be the hardest one to explain, as it was extremely unique, one of a kind dining experience that I (include my boyfriend as well) ever had. As you may or may not guess from the name, this is a theme restaurant that we decided to go on a whim, but ended up left with huge awe by the insanely delicious and creative food (Japanese food meets Western touches), and the incredible service that we got there. Think of waiters dressed as ninjas usher you through narrow and dark corridors that leads up to a nothing but a Ninja Village- awesome! You are there to stay, spare at least 2 hours of your day before planning and make sure to check if they have any free rooms (not your usual sit-in-table, but private eating rooms), as it is one of the best restaurants in Tokyo (in Trip Advisor and Time Out- few we know). You get to chose from menus that include at least 10 different amazing dishes. Another note, go there starving otherwise a food coma is inevitable- I nearly had one. What we thought as a cheesy-theme restaurant, turned out to be the best thing we have ever done in our time in Tokyo- must must must go! It’s not the cheapest (on the pricier side of the things) but definitely the best food in Tokyo.

Stone cooked soup with fresh herbs and veggies (the best I could remember)


Cutest desert ever- sensing photo-vibes on the background?

Asakusa – aka the Geisha Hub 


Sensoji Temple in Asakusa 




The struggle is real – Rickshaws in Asakusa

Sorry for the probably longest post ever – imagine, I had to pick these from hundreds of more – a blogger’s true nightmare!

Hope you enjoy looking at these snaps from Tokyo, as much as I enjoyed taking them. It was rather an emotional struggle while putting this one up, as I never felt so attached to a city before – Tokyo is a mind-glowingly amazing city that is home to a beautiful culture and craziness at the same time, and Tokyoites are just cherry on top; kind, sweet, kind, and super kind. I truly wish to go back some in the future, as this one felt just like an getaway to an obsession that is called Japan.

What do you think? Would Tokyo ever make it to your “must-go-places” list? Would love to hear what you think, as I can’t seem to get enough talking about Japan- seriously, you would make my day haha! 

  • Zalig om te lezen! Damn, ik wou dat ik direct terug kon! Wij zijn niet tot op de vismarkt geraakt, shame on us! Maar we hebben wel enkele keren die ‘oh my god, best sushi ever’ experience gehad 😉

    • Thank you, Marlies! 🙂 I feel your pain, I wish that everyday ever since I’m back. Obsession levels are so high that it’s almost worrying haha! Too bad that you couldn’t make it to the fish market but but the food everywhere was just simply amazing! Can we just go back even only for that already? haha

  • japan’s actually on top of my list in asia! and i really enjoy your photos elif, please post more, no need to pick and choose! 😛 idk if it’s obvious or not but i’m at a point where i’m just like nobody got time that.. LOL

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