April 15th, 2015

From Wardrobe to Lifeline – Carpet of Life


You heard it right; from your wardrobe to a lifeline, Carpet of Life offers handmade carpets that are crafted from your choice of fabrics by the women of the Sahara, M’hamid in Morocco. 


Do you ever think that it is about the time to get rid off all the “junk” that has been bloating up your wardrobe for years? But you never do because it’s more than a clothing item? But what if you could actually give your clothing items a second life? Through Carpet of Life, you can now have your beloved band T-shirt that you haven’t worn since your teen years or any item of clothing weaved into an incredibly unique carpet.

carpet_of_life_ID_tag, carpet_of_life,boucherouite_carpets,handcrafted_boucherouite_carpets,ID tags- you are connected with the very own creator of your carpet

carpet-of-life,boucherouite-carpets,handcrafted-boucherouite-carpets,When I first found out about Carpet of Life, I was completely blown away with their environment friendly concept, and intrigued to learn more about their concept. There was more to that than it’s being just a concept- Carpet of Life not only gives you the opportunity of turning anything that is textile-like into one of a kind carpets, but also does that by empowering the women of the Sahara, M’hamid in Morocco. As a fair design brand, they provide a fair workforce to the women of the Sahara and helping them to achieve sustainable loan.

Currently they are in collaboration with four villages in the M’hamid region and through their brand they are aiming to help social cohesion to grow. Carpet of Life offers carpets that are weaved by following the Moroccan “Boucherouite” concept, which the company describes as a craft “relying on instinct and experience rather than set design rules. Boucherouite carpets can be made from almost anything… any textile-like material and even plastic.


carpet-of-life,boucherouite-carpets,handcrafted-boucherouite-carpets,Marion, one of the entrepreneur sisters of Carpet of Life

Meet Marion, she is one of the entrepreneurs together with her sister, Hendrikje, who are behind the brand Carpet of Life since the early 2015. They are committed, they are full of innovative ideas that aims of empowering the locals of the Sahara more than ever. They are based in Ghent, Belgium and working without borders and ready to help you weave your memories into beautiful carpets.

Getting your memories weaved into a carpet won’t come cheap, as with anything that is fairly crafted and 100% handmade (for detailed pricing, click here). But it is definitely worth the splurge considering how much goes into the process of the creation of these unique and authentic carpets. Plus, where else can you get a carpet that has traces of plastic, towel, linen, or any unconventional textile you can think of?
A true conversation starter, that is for sure!

  • this is such a great concept! looks amazing too 🙂

    • They do really look amazing, right? I desperately want one, considering the fact that I have probably enough stuff to get two carpets haha #hoarder!

  • Very cool! I really like the concept 🙂 and it’s definitely different. I don’t have any carpets in my home right now.. but if I live in a house.. that would be nice!

    • Hi Natasja! I think this is such a unique alternative to any carpet, I would love to see my old clothes weaved into a carpet one day! 🙂

  • What a fantastic concept. looks so pretty as well! I definitely want a carpet whenever I move out!

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

    • Hi Naomi! There are so many beautiful ones to choose from, I surely definitely want one for my future home! 🙂

  • That is so cool! I’d love to have a carpet like that 🙂

    • Who wouldn’t, right? 😛 It’s like walking on your own wardrobe- incredibly unique!

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