April 27th, 2015

Beauty : Mini Nars Haul

nars-beauty-haul, nars-beauty-haul-2015, nars-curising-lipstick, nars-key-largo-eyshadow

It’s been a while since I did a beauty haul. I have been collecting a handful of beauty products, I guess now it’s about time that I finally break it down what I had bought recently. I desperately needed some more makeup (yeah, right!) stuff, so here is my Mini Nars Beauty Haul.

mini-nars-haul-2015, nars-beauty-haul, nars-beauty-haul-2015, nars-curising-lipstick, nars-key-largo-eyshadow

nars-key-largo-eyeshadow, nars-duo-eyeshadow-key-largo, best-nars-eyeshadow,

nars-cruising-sheer-lipstick-review, nars-sheer-lipstick-cruising, alexa-chung-nars-cruising, best-sheer-nude-lipstick


This one is rather exciting for me because I did the unexpected and ordered some Nars beauty bits online. Now you’re going to ask “Elif, what’s so exciting about this?” Well, that’s because I sadly cannot get hold of Nars products here in Belgium, which is probably good for the bank but that’s besides the point. I am still not 100% at ease with ordering makeup online without having to try it first. But since my Nars “must-have” list was getting out of control I decided to take the plunge- #yolo. So, here are my very first Nars beauty bits (shock horror).

As you may notice, I played on the safer side of the things… well, colours. I wanted give Nars Duo Eyeshadow a try for the longest and I can’t believe it took me this long. We all know by now that I am a huge sucker for neutrals, and when I saw Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Key Largo I just couldn’t help it. It was tiny bit different than what I expected but that wasn’t anything major. Key Largo consists of a rich bronze shade and a light creamy-beige shade. I was after this duo mainly because of the bronze shade, and as for first impression, I am obsessed with the colour pay off and the smoothness of the application. I’ve been probably wearing these two together religiously ever since I got them.

I certainly didn’t need to get another your lips but better kind of nude, BUT I am glad I did. I know I didn’t chase after my wildest Nars lipstick dreams (which would probably be a bright red lipstick), nevertheless the Nars Sheer Lipstick in Cruising is something I can easily rock everyday. It’s sheer with good pigmentation, highly moisturizing, and the colour itself is a pinkish nude- kind of colour and finish that you can easily apply without a mirror. I am super happy that I have Cruising on the go, such a fresh touch during the day. I am having a major break from bright reds at the moment, but now that spring is here I can again go back and forth between nudes and corals.

What are your favourite Nars products? I’m clearly looking into purchasing some more, I would love it if you have any suggestions! 

  • Nars eyeshadow duos are awesome. I love the shade combos that they do, they’re just perfect to take when you travel.

    • I think I have too quickly become Nars fan! 😀 Everything just looks amazing and super sleek. Next up I definitely want to try the foundation and the concealer but I will have to wait a little as I’m not a fan of ordering that kind stuff online-meh!

  • Pretty pretty! I actually only have one product by Nars… meh. Where did you get it?

    • Thank you Natasja! 🙂 I just joined the club, so don’t feel meh! 😛

      I ordered it from lookfantastic.com- they have so many brands that we unfortunately don’t easily get around here.

  • Lys

    The products you picked are so pretty; I bet they look lovely on you! I’ve never bought makeup online because I prefer seeing a product first before I decide if I want it. Can I ask what site you ordered from? Anyway, to answer your question: my picks would be one of NARS’ blushes or the liquid highlighter in ‘Orgasm’! Oh, or the And God Created The Woman palette, which is sooo stunning!

    • Oh thank you Lys, you’re being incredibly nice! 🙂

      Same goes out for me, but to some extent it’s still manageable I think. It wouldn’t be drastic to order a neutral lipstick or so, but foundation, concealer is a no-go zone for me. So unfortunately I will have to wait for that Nars concealer! 🙁 But I am definitely eyeing on that palette, absolute gorgeous shades!

      There are couple of UK based websites, but i ordered it from look fantastic.com, they always have decent discounts- can become a dangerous habit though! haha

      • Lys

        Yeah, ordering a foundation or concealer I’ve never tried before would be a no-go for me too :p thanks for the tip! I completely forgot lookfantastic sell NARS.

  • Ayre

    omg that lipstick is the PERFECT SHADE! I love sheer lipsticks coz if I apply too much, it wouldn’t be too noticeable 🙂


    • Isn’t it lovely? 🙂 Such a safe bet for any occasion! 🙂

  • Almu

    So pretty! the palette looks really nice, need to check it out! I love the Sheer Lipsticks, I got the shade Dolce Vita and I absolutely adore it, it’s a pinky nude as well!


    • Noted- will definitely check it out- thank you! 🙂 A girl cannot simply have way too many nude lipsticks, am I right? haha

  • Luisa

    Nars products are great! I use the Laguna Bronzer in spring and summer♥



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