Review: Lush Oatifix Face Mask

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Apparently breakfast to some can do wonders to skin. I will delve into the magic of oats and bananas… as the Lush Oatifix Face Mask claims to have lots of them.

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Don’t worry, I didn’t just slap some oats and banana on my skin and expect some magic to happen. However Lush came up with this brilliant fresh mask that can end your pain if you are struggling with dry skin during the months of winter. As I have combination skin and it only gets dry around certain areas, bear in mind that I only use this where it’s necessary. I can imagine that if you oily skin this is not the one you want to put on your skin.

Starting with the name, don’t let it confuse you. I have only used the both names to clarify to some that Oatifix is the name this mask goes with, except in the French spoken countries. Now back to the properties of this fresh mask. If you have never used fresh mask from Lush before or any kind, “fresh” stands for keeping it refrigerated. Even though for this matter it is life span not that longer than a butterfly, it ticked all the boxes for me to rave about it.

Oatifix or Cereal Killer is a fresh mask that I was intrigued to test it for a while now. Glad that I did because when it comes to masks, I can’t help it but expect some “magic” results. I want something that is good enough to see it works after using it couple of times preferably. And I got what I wanted! Oatifix offers nourishment as it contains bananas and illipe butter (further read)to moisturise the skin. Well, that is correct. After the first time I applied somewhat an even layer on my skin and left it around 15 minutes, it did indeed give me this buttery-soft to touch feeling on my skin. It felt like what I get after applying a generous amount of moisturiser to my face. The oats and ground almond in Oatifix offer “mild” exfoliating and I only use that lightly. I didn’t feel like it was exfoliating, but it also didn’t feel like clogging my skin with its rich nourishing properties. The only thing that I am not a fan of this mask is to remove it afterwards. You will need to wash it off with warm water but because of the oats they kind of stick around and you will need to work on it. It is not like you just slap some warm water and bam it is gone. But of course, that is not the end of the world- drama! I use Oatifix twice a week and I don’t spot any dry patches around my nose and inner part of my cheeks where I would usually see.

What do you use to combat dry skin during winter? Have you ever tried any fresh masks from Lush before?

Thanks for reading!