January 21st, 2015

Review : My Little Energy Box

My-Little-Energy-Box-review- January-2015, My-Little-Box-Uk-review

If you get easily excited by opening packages, the best way to treat yourself would be subscribing to a beauty box. Receiving the My Little Box every month feels like getting Christmas presents all over again. Every month there is a new theme, and this month’s theme is Energy. Time to stop procrastinating that gym plan I was considering for ages! Pack your yoga pants ladies, here is My Little Energy Box.

My-Little-Energy-Box-review- January-2015, My-Little-Box-Uk-review

My-Little-Energy-Box-review- January-2015, My-Little-Box-Uk-review

My-Little-Energy-Box-review- January-2015, My-Little-Box-Uk-review

My-Little-Energy-Box-Janvier-2015, My-Little-Box-Unboxing

I am pretty sure I am not the only person who procrastinates when it comes to heading to the gym. This month’s theme has psychic powers because it is almost giving me subtle hints on the right time that I should finally sort out my gym laziness.

One thing to note about My Little Box is that all these cute illustrations that comes with every month’s box that goes with the specific theme. When you first open the box, it welcomes you with this cute card. I frame these every month to get some motivation, I think it is a nice touch to your place as a decor as well.

Then there is this cute calendar (€12), yet again all the months include an illustration. I get really excited when I see some stationary touch as an addition to the box. Who wouldn’t, right? Also, can we talk about that cute sport bag (€25), please? It is massive, people! Exactly what I needed (if I can ever manage to go) not for gym but other purposes as well. Again, cuteness overload with the “Good energy is contagious” that says on it.

Moving onto what this box is all about, the beauty stuff… But before that, there was this supposedly “energy” or “health bar”. A nice touch but I don’t think I would eat this for “energy” purposes considering all the additives and whatnot. But why so serious, I am already having it whilst writing this post. Here comes the verdict: it is nice. An airy biscuit bar filled with chocolate is not something I would say no to easily.

Every month is a little introduction to their own beauty line. This month’s My Little Beauty product is an Energising Face & Body Mist (€12) . I have talked about that I like using mists just because they feel so refreshing and nice on your skin. Thus I find this intriguing and will be using it to boost some energy in the mornings. First impression is already good; it feels fresh and smells uplifting with a touch of fresh flower scent.

Next up is the Talika Photo-Hydra Day Moisturiser (€35 for 30ml). Now you may think “what the heck is “photo” doing there?” I also haven’t heard of Talika before. Well, it claims that it is the first cream to use energy from natural light to moisturize the skin. Hmm? I tried it immediately; it does feel good and soothing but considering the current dry state of my skin but it will be more appropriate to use it towards the spring. It feels soft and it is lightweight, which doesn’t leave any heavy, greasy residue and gets soaked pretty fast. Will be reporting on that soon…

Lastly we are where my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Nails Inc Nail Polish in Tate. There are two reasons for that: the first is because I have never try any NailsInc polishes before and the second is I love ANY red nail polish.

Overall, I am really pleased with the January 2015 My Little Energy Box. I am happy that My Little Box doesn’t disappoint and the creative behind this manages to put something useful, applicable, fun and creative every month. I will be getting on these new addition of products and will be putting up my thoughts on them in detail soon. Already excited to see what will be the theme of the box of February!

What do you think of My Little Energy Box? Are you a subscriber as well? Also, I would love to hear your opinion if you ever have tried any of these before.

  • How cute is that packaging?! I’ve never seen a subscription box like this one. I only ever see the cosmetic and dog ones. Very unique. Such a good idea for a gift.


    • Everything in the box is very well thought and always cute! Pleased to hear that you discovered it on my blog 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! 😉 x

  • Holly

    That’s absolutely genius!! I would love a box like this rather than the other typical boxes you get right now. So pretty!

    Holly xx

    • I am subscribed for over 6 months now and every month they top it, it keeps getting better and better.

      Thanks for stopping by Holly! 🙂

  • wish they had these cute subscription services here as well! it’s so cuteeeee!!


    • Oh, that’s unfortunate. That’s exactly how I feel about the Korean beauty products, at least you have those amazing, cute products! Another reason added on my list to visit Seoul haha! xx

  • Alina Bostan

    This looks like a great box, very different from the typical beauty boxes out there x

    Beauty with charm

    • True, it is little bit of everything topped with insane cuteness rather than being merely beauty products based box.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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