Review : The Balm – Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette

the-balm-meet-matt(e)-eyeshadow-palette-review, the-balm-meet-matt(e)-nude-swatches

I wasn’t the biggest eyeshadow fan up until last year, but ever since I have introduced some “colour” to my lids than just wearing simple eyeliner, I am hooked. Meet Matt(e), a new addition to my “colourful” eyeshadow stash.

meet-matt(e)-nude-review, the-balm-meet-matt(e)-swatches


left to right: Johnson – Garcia – Malloy – Rosen – Wood – Singh – Abdul – Lombardi- Hung

I have never tried anything from The Balm before, for some reason I always had this idea that everything looked like a “knock off” Benefit. However, when I heard all the buzz about the Mary-Lou Manizer, I was a bit tempted to give it a try. Few I knew… it was gone, all gone! But I was pretty convinced to give something a try from The Balm then I laid my eyes on Matt(e) and he is a keeper!

Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette has everything you need if you are starting to build your eyeshadow collection slowly but steadily. It has 9 matte shades and they are all lovely. As the name suggests, the palette consists of nude colours; from dark and deep grays to grays with slight purple undertones and beautiful browns, it has everything. The palette also has a neutral shade and a white shade to go over as a base (or at least that’s what I do). They are all very pigmented and they blend oh so easily. The colours are so versatile that you can easily pull out a daily look but can also create a jaw-dropping gorgeous night look.

If you are looking for nude and matte eyeshadow palette that is definitely not a splurge but also delivers high quality, I would highly recommend giving this guy a try.

Have you ever tried from The Balm? I am down to hear your suggestions.

Thanks for reading.