November 2nd, 2014

Fashion Favourites : Masculine Shoes

masculine-shoes, asos-brogue-shoes, oxford-shoes

I love some many things about fashion but shoes are hands-down my favourite things in this world. If I am feeling a bit down, shopping or even looking at shoes online is enough to cheer me up (problem?). With that being said, it wouldn’t be exaggerating if my house was on fire I would definitely first go for my shoes (definitely a problem)! Recently, I have been lusting over masculine shoes and I am so not looking for those days where I will have to change them over with boots- not cool!

patent-brogue-shoes, pointy-oxford-shoes, patent-oxfords

brogue-shoes, patent-brogues, patent-oxfords



leather-lace-up-brogues, leather-brogues


masculine-shoes, leather-brogues-metallic, metallic-gold-brogues

masculine-shoes, brogues-metallic, metallic-brogues

As you can see I do have a slight obsession with masculine shoes. Brogues or oxfords whatever you prefer calling them, are one of my favourite type of shoes. They are so comfortable, easy to match with any outfit, and they just look good.

The first pair is a recent addition to my collection and I really think they look good under anything, hence the reason I wear them everyday. The second pair is probably the oldest and the most worn one. I got these monk shoes from H&M a year ago and they were quite cheap for what they are I couldn’t believe it. I  remember my father had a pair when I was little (circa early 1990’s), like father like daughter. The third pair is the most basic pair with a nice touch- the white soles make them somewhat eye-catching. And again, needless to say they are extremely comfortable. Lastly, these are probably the craziest shoes I have ever owned as they are kind of “in your face” with the whole metallic vibe going on. If you have enough black shoes of the same style why not go a bit different. Every time I wear them, I always get to hear something about them from people. Compared to the other pairs, this one is slightly heavy as the soles are chunky but still comfortable after you break in them.

Masculine shoes are not hard to spot as they are so in trend right now and there are so many different kind to choose from. Below, I have made a list, if any of these is something for you.

1. Patent Brogues (similar herehere and here)
2. Monk Shoes (similar herehere and here)
3. Leather Brogues (similar hereherehere and here)
4. Metallic Brogues (similar here, here and here)

Thanks for reading!

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