October 4th, 2014

Review : Stylo Lumiere – My Little Beauty

stylo lumiere, my little box september, my little beautyWhen I received my very first My Little Box in September, I was over the moon. I also mentioned in my haul post that I was going to review the products that came in the box. Here is the first one, Stylo Lumiere Highlighing Pen.

stylo lumiere, my little box september

stylo lumiere, my little box september

stylo lumiereLike everything else that was in the box, this one look also incredibly adorable. That’s their thing I see now, the packaging and the presentation is just too darn cute! But as the saying goes “don’t judge the book by its cover”. Okay, I admit that every now and then I may buy stuff that I am just entirely sold for the packaging, and that is a risk.

I was extremely excited to try this one out beside the cute packaging, it was something new for me as I have never used a liquid kind of highlighter before. You can either use it on your cheeks or as a base on your eyelids. I have first tried it on above my cheek bones but there was not much to observe apart from the patchy look. It was a bit difficult to work the product in as it dried pretty quickly. The colour looks nice when it is out of the applicator, but as soon as you apply on the skin, the colour disappears.

I gave it a second try as a base on my eye lids, disappointed again. It looks a bit dull, yet again the shimmer doesn’t come out as such. You can still spot it, but looks more like a neutral eye shadow. Overall I didn’t see any point of using this product really. It is okay to use it as a base but it is not something that I would wear that often deliver its value to be honest. Pity that it will be lying around and collecting dust.

Thanks for reading!

  • My Little Beauty Box looks so cute! But it’s such a shame that was a disappointing product. I can see what you mean that it doesn’t show up on the skin as I can barely tell from the photo that it’s even been swatched on your hand x

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    • I looks so cute but unfortunately it doesn’t do much, such a pity! 🙁 As for the swatch, I did couple of layers to make sure the colour comes out in the photo, but not even then… 🙁 Thank you for stopping by Alina! x

  • thanks for your review. I received this and wasn’t clear what it was and came across your review to find out!


    • It is definitely not a straight-forward product, took me some time to figure it out hehe! Happy to hear that you found my review useful, thank you! 🙂

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