Mini MAC Haul : Lady Danger + Velvet Teddy

mini-mac-haul, lady-danger-review, velvet-teddy-review

I don’t know what I have been doing until I purchased these two of the most popular MAC lipsticks, but they finally came into my life to stay for good!

mini-mac-haul, lady-danger-review

Lady Danger

mini-mac-haul, lady-danger-review


Velvet Teddy





I love MAC but their stores for some weird reason always scares me a little. It is always packed with way too many people that there is no personal space, let alone browsing things around the store which will probably make you feel like you are in a war zone. Unless I know exactly what to get, I usually avoid going there, especially on weekends. Yet again it was nothing different when I headed down to the store; it was unsurprisingly overly packed. That meant that I had to be as quick as possible- I was out the door in less than 20 minutes with only two things!

I heard only good things about Lady Danger and Velvet Teddy and I realised that I actually don’t really have a true vibrant red matte lipstick in my collection. I will definitely skip justifying why I bought Velvet Teddy since I have quite some nude lipsticks but trust me this one is different! As scary as it sounds, they are both matte, really matte! When a red lipstick as matte as this one here, it is usually a pain on the neck. Same goes out for Lady Danger, you need to be extra careful as it tends stay where you put it. The formula is super lasting and not that drying. You would expect that matte lipsticks to be quite drying but maybe that’s because I always apply a generous amount of lip balm before application. If you want to go bold Lady Danger is the one true red with slight orange undertones!

Velvet Teddy is again a matte one and it is a “your lips but better” kind of beige/nude. It can be difficult to find the right tone of nude as it may make you look like a ghost not a cute kind- scary! Velvet Teddy is quite brownish but still has that ever so slight pink undertones that is probably suitable for many skin tones. I guess that is one of the reasons why it is an extremely popular one. I found out that it is selling like nothing else thanks to Kylie Jenner’s famous the 90’s-pout-lip-look. Velvet Teddy is such a relief after Lady Danger application wise. I haven’t worn it out yet, but today is the day.

What do you think of these two? Is any of them your cup of tea? What are your favourites lippies from MAC?

Thanks for reading!