Review: Apivita Gentle Cleansing Mask with Pink Clay

Apivita Cleansing Mask Pink ClayYou know you are a skin care hoarder when you find lots of products that have been lying around in your drawer waiting to be discovered. This Apivita Gentle Cleansing Mask is only one of them. Excitement, something new to try!

Apivita Gentle Cleansing Mask Pink ClayIf you have never heard of Apivita before, it is a Greek brand, which consists of all natural ingredients (ranging between 80% -100%), their formulations are design to maximise the effectiveness of the natural ingredients, and offering products that contain essential oils to create and maintain wellbeing. Actually the name says it all; in Latin apis means bee and vita means life.

Store the left overs in a tiny pot – no more waste!

Apivita products are only available at pharmacies and they are available in many countries. What I especially liked about their face masks is the fact that  they have “try before commit” sizes, which is a nice way to see whether it is good for you or not. If you have sensitive skin and you want to try new stuff, it is like gambling, you never know. But one down side to this, after opening you are left with so much product, it is a waste if you don’t have a place to store it. I used one of the containers that comes with a travel size kit. Even though I used up quite a lot of it, it seems like it will last me at least for another couple of applications. Considering the price for two packs (€3.50), one package offers several use.

Apivita ingredientsOn to the mask. Gentle cleansing mask is claimed to be ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin. For better results, you use it on a cleansed face and apply a rich layer. I applied it around my T-zone, since it is targeting the removal of the pores. Leave it about 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water. The mask contains rose water, hence the smell is amazing. Even though it is a clay mask, it certainly did not dry my skin out and I only applied little bit moisturizer afterwards. It is hard to say it has diminished the look of the pores with only using couple of times, but it leaves your skin really soft and glowing. I believe that is because it cleared my T-zone nicely.

If you have been looking for a brand that doesn’t use massive synthetic ingredients, that is also soap and silicone free, this brand is definitely worth giving a try. They have so many other products and various kind of masks that is targeted for different skin types. I will be keeping eye out for some more.

Have you ever tried any Apivita products?

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