How To: Achieve Baby Lips

how to get baby lips

Whether you want to wear bright, matte, dark or nude lips, it is important to have a smooth canvas for any lip product to be the star of your makeup. Dehydrated lips are never going to look good, even with the most expensive lippie. No grief, there is a solution to everything! You can easily achieve baby lips by exfoliating your lips every now and then. Easy peasy!

IMG_0101I came across this lip scrub at Lush while I was done with smelling every product that they had. Seriously, Lush stores smells too good! Anyway, they offer three options; mint, popcorn, and bubblegum. I simply couldn’t resist and went for the bubblegum. You apply the scrub with your finger and gently exfoliate them. The scrub contains caster sugar and jojoba oil, meaning that while exfoliating, you are also moisturizing them. Simple and quick way to get rid of the dead skin and prep your lips for further application.

IMG_0109All prepped lips are ready to go; I applied Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. Seriously, is there still anyone out there that still hasn’t heard off the Baby Lips craze? Probably not. But in case you haven’t heard it yet, it is basically their moisturizing lip balm line with variety of colours and scents. It this one here is the only one I have, after swatching a couple, this one has got the right amount of sheer colour to it. The same colour but slightly more intense, is the one from L’oreal Rouge Caresse in Cheeky Magenta. This one feels very similar to Baby Lips, almost meltingly applicable, light weight, and has sheer and glossy look. But both looks effortless and absolutely cute.

maybelline baby lips

L’Oreal Caresse, Cheeky Magenta

Maybelline Baby Lips, Pink Punch

Maybelline Baby Lips, Pinck Punch

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